November 29, 2006

It’s that time of year again. Come on now… he’p a brother out. (The Weenie Remix)

Usually, I use "your blogs been 'Necked" opportunities to poke fun, screw off, and invite others I know to make an ass out of ourselves. This time, fortuneately, the 'Neckin' permits me to possibly reach more good people for a good cause. I've posted this at my site, so I'm gonna do it again here... Cut and Paste is the whip people...

The last two or three years, maybe more, I’ve contributed to helping to bring our folks in the service home for the holidays for Christmas. I haven’t always been able to contribute what I wanted, but I contributed what I could. That’s what I’d like for you to do if you feel so inclined.

Ernie, a former Zoomie, has a site at (Ernie’s House Of Whoop Ass). It’s probably not everybody’s jar o’ shine, but I believe what he’s been doing the last 6 years is a good thing.

He takes request’s from our service folk for plane tickets to “bring ‘em home” for Christmas. You can donate cash, or frequent flyer miles. It’s tax deductable. If that matters to you. You can read about the program at this site. I know it’s the holiday season, and cash can be tight, but if you can help out, I sure would appreciate it. If you’d like to help out on your blog, well, you know what to do. I haven’t seen any fancy sidebar jobbies to put up to advertise it, so you’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way…



PS: Here’s the email Ernie sent me, probably because of past support for this:

Ahhh, the holiday season.

The leaves are turning colors.

We’re greeted by the first frost of the season.

And there’s me… mooching money for LBEH ;)

We started a few days before Thanksgfiving this year (a little late due to some delays on my end, but better late than never, right?) And we’re already over 90+ requests, which is a good. The catch is, we’re only at $15k in donations, which is bad. So if you get a minute, swing on by to your ol pal Ernie’s pet project and see if you can’t work some magic?

And remember? Your donations are tax deductible!! More info on this, along with current donation tally and ticket requests… on the website.

So hop in and keep an eye on things at !

If you have ANY questions, PLEASE fire me back an email!

And thanks for your support!!!!


ALSO: You can “fire back” at him with his email addy… ernie at if you have any questions about the program.

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November 27, 2006

It Ain't Discrimination If Jessie Jackson Says It Isn't?

I am sure everyone has heard of the recent bru-ha-ha over what "Kramer" Michael Richards said during his comedy routine.

So why isn't he being lambasted through-out the media like Mel Gibson was?

Richards was stone cold sober when he said his remarks, does that make it better? Or easier to forgive someone?

Or does making remarks about Jewish people much worse than black people?

I just don't understand it.

The Original Quality Weenie

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TEXAS vs the World

Seems TEXAS...UT...Longhorns, are on the top of the heap once again! And that's the reason that some other "institutions" of hiyer lerning hate us. Longhorns, that is. We kick ass. Everybody's ass. We don't really care where you're from or where you've been, if we haven't kicked your ass yet, we will soon enough!

Take that high school of a program called Ohiyo State. Don't they put "state" with anything that leans toward a penitentiary state of mind? And just what the hell is a "buck-eye"? If I'm gonna attend...(let's just say for decency's sake, that Ohiyo is one) a school/college, I just might be interested in what my mascot might be!

"Hi, I matriculate at Ohiyo State. Our mascot is a nut."
Enough of that stuff!

Then you have Michigan. Purple? Come on now! That's the color of royalty...or is supposed to be. More like a royal pain in the ass, if you ask anyone. And just who the hell did Ohiyo beat recently? The two are practically neighbors, so you can figure it was rigged anyway. That's the way Unions work..up there. Damn yankees!

Detroit. Motown. The Supremes. Yeah..."set me free why doncha, babe...." Tell you what...they're gonna need Smoky Robinson and the Miracles if they ever get the nads to come to Austin and play a real college program.

Y'all know I'm right on this too!


Get Hooked_patio.jpg

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November 26, 2006

This is "Quality Weenie" no?

So I suppose it's just the place to listen to "The Weenie Story"

You might want to right click and save instead of clickin' on it. It seems my site is a bit slow now...


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November 25, 2006

I reckon 'tis the season

Some people, once they see the Santa in the Tday parade, feel like it's cool to do the Christmas song thing. Personally, I'll be absolute batshit come the day from listenin' to non stop freakin' jingle hohoho bells... 24x7. Talk about psyop's... Whoever thought of that one, I hope has some stars now, 'cause it'll drive a crazy man crazier...

I've decided that this year, if I must begin to be drilled in the melon by Christmas music non stop until just after the first of the year, I will join them instead of tryin' to beat them. To that end, and since this blog owner is from the Detroit area, I submit a little Merry Axemas... Ted Rocks now. Tomorrow's song... Cheech and Chong, what else... ;)

When my "stint" is up here... I reckon I'll move the singin' show back to the 'Neckshack...

Now, how many shopping days left 'til Christmas? Not that many, now, get yo' shoppin' hiney in gear... and buy Qdub a present...

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November 23, 2006


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The things I am thankful for:

My hubby - the most wonderful man alive
My Puppies - who have shown me what unconditional love is
My health - I hope
My job - I have one
My computer - without it I wouldn't have found such wonderful friends
My country - the greatest in the world
The servicemen and women - without them I wouldn't be living in the freeist country in the world.

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November 22, 2006

You really cannot make this shit up...

But, I love this guy just the same.... I swear, "comin' at you from the basement".. classic.

Round 1:

Who in the hell is Drim Chesshler?

Round 2:

Do you really want some more of this UM?

I'm just sayin' now... 3 TO's inside our own 30 and you still get punked? Are you sure?

PS: After watchin' that... I feel like I think I just watched a late night ol' Kung fu movie... Sound don't match the lip movement...

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I ain't fer sure but...

Somethin' tells me sometime early last Saturday evenin' Mr. Qdub could've used the advice in this little ol' timey movie. "OMFG, we lost, 'Neck's got my blog... aaaahhhhh"

People payin' close attention will note that the 18th was one of those days circled on that poor mans calendar.... I'm just sayin.

To be honest, when I first saw it, I thought the PMS deal was Post "meatchicken" Syndrome....

That "Double Jeopardy" deal, I think that's what happens after Meatchicken/Notre Dome games... I wouldn't know though.

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November 21, 2006

Today in Automotive History


Me and Marcus got our stuff unloaded today. If anybody else needs some help movin' in, give me a shout. Marcus don't git back into town 'til Thursday or Friday, so, he may be out huntin' for a special "Friday Fishin'" picture. Who know's, he wasn't tellin' nobody...


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November 20, 2006

There ain't no title damnit.


blockO.gifbviously this guy "grew up" when John Cooper was the coach here at OSU... I understand though. There are some 6-10 year olds in this 'Neck o' the woods that feel just like that fella does, but it's Ohio State winnin' and Meatchicken losin' in their little melons...

Pickin' on the band ain't cool, but pretty much the rest of this is aighty tighty. You did just watch a regular season National Championship game. You do know that don't y'all?

If there's ... "another game" to play against them before the season's over for us and we win the Championship... so be it. In the words of Mike Hart... and Gdub, "Bring it on"... Scoreboard Baby... scoreboard.


PS: Doest that fella in the first video resemble Harvey or what?

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The Ladies do love it when they blog be 'Neck'd..

Yes they do now. I've got the same record vs. blogin' bets as TSmith does beatin' Meatchicken. 3-0. This will be the 3rd blog I've had the honor to 'Neck.

No, this ain't gonna be pimp my ride... it's gonna be 'Neck my Blog. I need a logo that says "My blog's been 'Neck'd". Any artists? Phin? Here's what I mean.... let's take us a little walk back along memory lane... (cue dream music)...

Back in January, Tammi, was in a "State of Mind" to be sure.

Then, just last September of this year, you could've heard a pin drop in the house in Helen where all of us Felons were watchin' Ohio State put the screws to Texas in Austin. I thought Chou was gonna cry. turns out "She cussed".

That brings us up to today. Qdub's boys went down Saturday, but, I'll say this, they made it closer then either of the teams above. It was a good game. I'm not sure it was as close a game as the score indicates, but the score is what it is. Now Qdub says "they will not win their bowl game"...

I'm almost ready to make another bet about that... almost, I said.


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I Apologize For What Is About To Happen

I just wanted to take a minute to apologize to my regular 5 readers for what will be taking place in the next 12 days here at Weenie world.

See, my boys in blue embarassed me. They lost the Michigan vs Ohio State game. Which means I lost the bet with the Redneck and he is about to take over my blog for the number of days equal to Ohio State wins this football season, which happens to be 12.

So Ohio State won the big game and the Big 10 division, but they will not win their bowl game. They are wiped out, although Michigan will win their bowl game and in the end be tide with Ohio State 12-1.

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November 17, 2006

RIP Bo Schembechler

Former University of Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler passed away Friday morning, Providence Hospital officials said.

Schembechler, who had a medical emergency and was transported to Providence Hospital in Southfield, was 77 years old.

Schembechler's medical history includes two major heart attacks as well as two quadruple bypass surgeries, and just two weeks ago, the former coach had a pacemaker implanted.

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Tomorrow is the BIG GAME!

Number 1 Ohio State takes on Number 2 Michigan, the game of the season.

Which will also decide the bet between myself and the Redneck. The winner gets to take over the losers blog for the number of days relating to the number of wins their team had, either way it's going to be 12 days.

So who do you think is going to win?

Um, gee I'm not sure?

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Americans Have The Best Roads

American roads have been voted the best place on the globe for Brits to go motoring. The World Driving Report 2006 has just been published in London , and revealed 58 percent of people ranked the USA as their top destination for ease of car use. Australia was second with 53 percent, followed by Ireland by on 49 percent. The data has been compiled by vehicle rental firm and also highlighted America as one of the vacation destinations felt to have the safest roads. It took third spot behind Australia and Switzerland in that category. Almost 2,000 drivers were polled for their opinions in the study. British motorists believe South Africa is the scariest place to get behind the wheel, while Holland got voted worst for congestion.-Richard Yarrow

Hattip: The Car Connection

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Today In Automotive History

1906 : Honda founder born in Hamamatsu, Japan

On this day, Honda Motor Company founder Soichiro Honda was born the son of a blacksmith in Hamamatsu, Japan, about 150 miles southwest of Tokyo. Honda, who displayed remarkable mechanical intuition even at a young age, began working in an auto repair shop in Tokyo at age 15. In 1928, Honda returned to Hamamatsu to set up another branch of the repair shop, and also began pursuing his youthful passion for motor car racing. In 1936, Honda won his first racing trophy at the All-Japan Speed Rally, but nearly died when his car crashed shortly after setting a speed record. After a prolonged recovery, Honda left racing, and during World War II constructed airplane propellers for his country. When the war was over, Japan's industry was in shambles, and Honda saw an opportunity to beat swords into plowshares by starting an automotive company of his own. He bought a surplus of small generator engines from the military at a bargain price and began attaching them to bicycle frames. Honda's fuel-efficient vehicles were popular in a time when fuel was scarce, and in September of 1948, with only $1,500, Honda formed the Honda Motor Company in Hamamatsu. The company began building a full line of powerful and well-made motorcycles that by 1955 led motorcycle production in Japan. Honda proved as effective a company manager as he was a talented engineer, and by the early 1960s, Honda was the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles. From this immense success, Honda was inspired to begin automobile production in 1962. Honda's first vehicle, the pint-size S-360, failed to make a dent in the American market, and it was not until 1972, and the introduction of the Civic 1200, that Honda became a serious contender in the industry. The fuel crisis of 1973 was the catalyst that thrust Honda and other Japanese auto manufacturers into the forefront of the international market. Cars like the Honda Civic proved far more durable and fuel efficient than anything being produced in Detroit at the time, and American consumers embraced Japanese-made automobiles. In 1973, Soichiro Honda retired from the top position at Honda, but the company he founded went on to become an industry leader, establishing such successful marques as the Accord, which by 1989 was the best-selling car in America.

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November 16, 2006

This Isn't Really News To Us

I saw this headline on Yahoo news

5 people shot in Detroit in 10 minutes

And I laughed because to people in and around the Detroit area this isn't shocking news to us. The first 15 minutes of our nightly news each and every night is a detailed list of all the people shot, killed, etc in Detroit.

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Fords Doomsday?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see these headlines?

Release Of Ford Edge Delayed; Layoffs Possible

Quality Issues Force a Delay for a New Ford

Manufacturing problems delay Ford’s Edge

You would think that Ford is in deep doo-doo, they are laying employees off because ofthe delay and the vehicles has horrible quality problems.

Not one of those are true. So what is the problem?

When you launch a completely new vehicle the employees at the plant have to learn new systems and how to put the parts on the vehicle. This takes time and if the employees are not getting up to speed quick enough you have problems because your lines and slow and not cranking out the vehicles at the speed they should be.

So Ford has decided to delay the launch of the vehicle so the employees can get upto speed with their specific process.

The media is hyping this delay as the end of time, but in a small paragraph at the end of the article they also mention that GM, Toyota and Lexus are all delaying launches of their new vehicles by a few weeks to a couple months but don't afix a doomsday senario on those companies.

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JD Power Dealership Sales Satisfaction Survey

The JD Power survey results are starting to come out, the first one being the Dealership Sales Satisfaction survey. It surveys how satisfied customers were with their Sales experience.

As usual you won't see this in any news reports because the Americans did well, actually much better then the Japanese.

The study, now in its 20th year, is a comprehensive analysis of the new-vehiclepurchase experience. Overall customer satisfaction is measured based on five factors: dealership facility, salesperson, paperwork/finance process, delivery process and vehicle price.

So basically they measure how you were treated by the Dealership during your Sales experience.

The purchase experience sets the tone for the subsequent relationship with customers during the entire vehicle-ownership cycle, according to the study. While four of five new-vehicle buyers express a general interest to spend future service dollars at the selling dealer, less than one-half (45%) indicate they “definitely” plan to do so. As sales satisfaction declines, the intention to return also declines.

So when you are treated good during your sales experience you are more likely to go backfor service and subsiquent sales. It's all about the money.

And now, without further ado the actual figures.

Click to enlarge

See how Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda are all below the Industry Average while all of Fords' brands and GM are above Industry Average. Only 7 that are above the Industry Average are not owned by an American Auto Maker.

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Today In Automotive History

1901 : First American breaks minute mile

On this day, racer A. C. Bostwick became the first American racer to exceed the speed of a mile a minute on the Ocean Parkway racetrack in Brooklyn, New York. During a race sponsored by the Long Island Automobile Club, Bostwick achieved an average speed of 63.83mph along a one-mile straightaway on the course, thus completing the mile in 56.4 seconds. European car manufacturers and drivers dominated early motor racing, a phenomenon reflected in the first seven speed records. However, in 1902, just under a year after Bostwick's historic run, William K. Vanderbilt Jr., a businessman and racing enthusiast, became the first American to enter the land speed record books when he ran a mile in 47.32 seconds, or at an average speed of 76.086mph. The Mors automobile that Vanderbilt drove was also the first vehicle with an internal combustion engine to enter the speed record books

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November 15, 2006

Mr Automotive Manufacturer Goes To Washington

This was all over the news in Detroit yesterday, it's a big deal to us. The heads of the big 3 finally got their meeting with the President yesterday, after being cancelled 3 times.

The main theme was to get someone to listen about fair trade, which the big 3 isn't allowed outside of the US yet Japan and China can import as many vehicles as they wish.

But automakers came away with little more than a photo op, according to one auto analyst. It was Detroit 's day in Washington , and President Bush greeted automakers only days after his party lost control of both houses of Congress and "found a lot in common" with Detroit . The automakers-represented by General Motors' Rick Wagoner, Ford's Alan Mulally and Chrysler's Tom LaSorda-agreed with the tenor of the meeting: "The president clearly understands the importance of the business to the United States and the global economy," Mulally told the AP after the meeting. But did the meeting produce any tangible results on healthcare costs, currency problems with China and Japan , or the increasing costs of vehicle safety? "I think what you saw was a nice piece of political theater," Burnham Securities analyst David Healy told the news agency. However, David Cole of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor , said he saw some long-term potential in the meeting, as it put the auto industry's agenda in a wider context: the visiting execs conveyed "an impression that what the auto industry is dealing with is much larger than the auto industry," he said.

Hattip: The Car Connection

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Today In Automotive History

1965 : Breedlove breaks 600 mph speed barrier

Craig Breedlove, driving his jet-powered Spirit of America--Sonic 1 vehicle, raced to 600.601 mph over the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, and set a new land-speed record. Breedlove, a four-time land-speed record holder, was also the first driver to break the 400 mph and 500 mph land-speed barriers, in 1963 and 1964 respectively. Five years later, Gary Gabelich, in his Blue Flame rocket-powered vehicle, would break Breedlove's record by reaching 622.407 mph over the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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November 14, 2006

Michigan Election Results

Detroit is dragging Michigan down into the hole it is currently in. They do not want Michigan's economy to improve and they are happy with how things are (not) going in Michigan.

Michigan has the worst unemployment rate in the entire US. It's at 7.1%

Governor Granholm (D) won in Michigan again. I am still trying to figure out why because
she hasn't done anything for Michigan in the last 4 years.

But breaking it down by race will give the picture why.

Oh and one of the big points in the race was that Granholm vetoed putting a term limit
on welfare during the past 4 years, her opponite DeVos wante to bring back term limits for
how long you could be on welfare. The Governor before Granholm, a Republican, put term limits
on how long you could be on welfare.

Lets see how the races voted for the candidates:

White Devos - 43% Granholm - 53%
African American Devos - 5% Granholm - 94%
Hispanic Devos - 32% Granholm - 64%

Our US Senators ran with the same opinions on the Governor candidates about welfare. Let's
see how the races voted for the candidates:

White Bouchard (R) - 44% Stabenow (D) - 53%
African American Bouchard (R) - 9% Stabenow (D) - 88%
Hispanic Bouchard (R) - 27% Stabenow (D) - 65%

Well, we can see how that one issue persuaded voters of different races to vote. Guess they are happy that they will be able to stay on welfare for the next 4 years at least.

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Worried? Um, yea.

Yesterday I spent half my day at the hospital getting on MRI on my foot, big Toe to be exact.

Back in 1992 I had a Tumor removed from my right big toe, it was benign. But a tumor in your toe is very rare. They just don't happen.

They removed most of the bone in my toe, just left a little sliver. They said they did that so it won't grow back.

4 months ago I started having the same exact pain in my right foot again. I finally made an appointment, which I had last week. The doctor took one look at the x-ray and said he didn't like what he saw and I needed to get an MRI to confirm or dis-confirm what he saw. He said it looked like the tumor grew back but he couldn't tell and that it might just be scar tissue.

So yesterday I spent 1 hour and 15 minutes in the MRI machine getting views of my toe and foot. I've had several MRI's in my lifetime and that was the longest by far I've had to be in one.

I just checked messages, it was the MRI department calling wanting to get more views of my foot. The tech that was reading my MRI wants more views to look at.

Could only mean that they see something but need more views to confirm.

I don't really need to under go surgery at this point with the new health issue that I have now that I didn't have then. I had a severe reaction to the anethestic they gave me and I am allergic to antibiotics. Plus I have a minor heart condition (Arrhthmia) that will require me to go off my meds a couple weeks before surgery. Which means the episodes will return.

I am more worried about the surgery and what it will do to my health then I am about having another tumor.

Just when things were starting to look up in my life, I feel like I've been kicked back down into my hole.

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Corvette As A Child?

Wisconsin Couple Effectively Adopts Corvette Museum

A childless couple from Wisconsin isn't taking their riches with them when they pass-but instead of leaving the money to charity, they're giving a big chunk of their fortune to the National Corvette Museum . The AP reports that Ivan and Mary Shrodt, of Sherwood, Wisc., are giving $1.3 million to the museum in Bowling Green , Ky. , to go toward a $14 million expansion. The couple loves Corvettes-obviously-and their gift will help the museum steam ahead with the expansion, due to be complete in 2009. Last Saturday the couple visited the museum to pick up their latest model, a 2007 black Z06.

Hattip: The Car Connection

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Today In Automotive History

1914 : The first Dodge

On this day, John and Horace Dodge completed their first Dodge vehicle, a car informally known as "Old Betsy." The same day, the Dodge brothers gave "Old Betsy" a quick test drive through the streets of Detroit, Michigan, and the vehicle was shipped to a buyer in Tennessee. John and Horace, who began their business career as bicycle manufacturers in 1897, first entered the automotive industry as auto parts manufacturers in 1901. They built engines for Ransom Olds and Henry Ford among others, and in 1910 the Dodge Brothers Company was the largest parts-manufacturing firm in the United States. In 1914, the intrepid brothers founded the new Dodge Brothers Motor Car Company, and began work on their first complete automobile at their Hamtramck factory. Dodge vehicles became known for their quality and sturdiness, and by 1919, the Dodge brothers were among the richest men in America. In early 1920, just as he was completing work on his 110-room mansion on the Grosse Point waterfront in Michigan, John fell ill from respiratory problems and died. Horace, who also suffered from chronic lung problems, died from pneumonia in December of the same year. The company was later sold to a New York bank, and in 1928, the Chrysler Corporation bought the Dodge name, its factories, and the large network of Dodge car dealers. Under Chrysler's direction Dodge became a successful producer of cars and trucks marketed for their ruggedness, and today Dodge sells a lineup of over a dozen cars and trucks.

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November 13, 2006

I Speak Great Lakes

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Northeast
The South
The Midland
North Central
The West
What American accent do you have?
Take More Quizzes

Stolen from the Rednecked One

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Senator Carl Levin, You Are An Ass

And I am ashamed to say you are my senator.

This morning I heard on CNN, and I quote "Senator Carl Levin will push to have he US withdrawl all troops from Iraq within the next 4-6 months"

I guess you will be pushing for this so you can say that Iraq is truely a mess, gloat over it and say I told you so.

Even though it will be your doing.

I will so work my butt off during your next re-election to get you ousted. In Michigan we need someone who is in turn with the people that they serve and you sir are so out of touch with the people you serve.

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November 11, 2006


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Thank-you for protecting me and for doing what you do so I can do what I want to do

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November 10, 2006

This Should Scare The Hell Out Of People

I found this quote on Reuters:

"Since Washington's hostile and hawkish policies have always been against the Iranian nation, this defeat is actually an obvious victory for the Iranian nation."
(emphasis mine)
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Consumer Reports Likes American Vehicles

Ford got good news Thursday from Consumer Reports magazine, but also disclosed some additional production cutbacks brought about by fading sales of big sport-utility vehicles.

The good news was that the automaker placed 21 different vehicles, including cars such as the Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, and the Ford Five Hundred, on Consumer Reports' list of recommended buys. Only Toyota had more vehicles on the list, jubilant Ford officials noted, and the Fusion was put on the CR cover.

Hattip: The Car Connection

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Today In Automotive History

1965 : Irv the Swerve born in Northern Ireland

On this day, Formula One racer Eddie Irvine was born in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. In 1996, Irvine won a coveted place on the Ferrari team, racing alongside the likes of World Champion Michael Schumacher, but Irvine is also famous as one of the last of Formula One's most endangered species--the playboy racing driver. The popular bachelor, who maintains an impressive neutrality in regard to his British or Irish nationality, has not won a grand prix as of 1998, yet enjoyed seven career-podium finishes and reached a Formula One ranking of fourth in the world in 1998. Irvine got his start in racing at the young age of 17, competing in his father's Crossle FF 1600 Chassis, and by 1988 had worked his way up to British Formula Three series. 1990 saw him driving for the Jordan F3000 team, and he won his first race at Hockinheim that year, finishing third overall in the series. In the fall of 1993, Irvine made his Formula One debut driving for Sasol Jordan, and at the Suzuki racetrack in Japan he placed sixth, becoming the first driver since Jean Alesi to score points on a Formula One debut. In his first few years of Formula One racing, Irvine, a notoriously fearless and reckless driver, earned the nickname "Irv the Swerve." However, he also demonstrated enough driving potential to be offered the number-two position on the championship Ferrari team in 1996.

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Project Valour IT

I am joining the Marines Team, well because they are Marines. YUMMY!

So go, give money now.


This will be left at the top until after Veterans Day.

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November 09, 2006

Automotive Lawsuit Lottery

On October 26th, a jury saw fit to award Branham's family $31 million in damages, after hearing arguments from the family's attorney that insisted that the high center of gravity of the SUV contributed to the crash and as such, Ford Motor Co. is inherently responsible.

But the kid was injured, has brain injuries some might whine. He should deserve something for his problems and you know that high center of gravity makes SUV's just tip over for no reason.

FoMoCo's spokeswoman, Kathleen Vokes, points to the fact that Jesse's mother admitted that at the time of the crash that she had turned around to "argue with children in the rear set," and subsequently veered off the road

So the mother admits she wasn't paying attention to the number one thing you should be doing in a car while it's moving. She took her attention away from driving and do to that she went off the road and rolled the vehicle.

But I still wondered how the kid got such serious injuries. Seatbelts usually protect people from serious injuries like that.

The children in the rear seats were not buckled up.
(emphasis mine)

The mother should be arrested and lock-up for those kids not wearing seatbelts. I mean really, with all the data out there people who do not wear their seatbelts or make their kids wear seatbelts deserve what happens to them because it has been statiscally shown seatbelts save lifes and protect one from serious injuries.

This happened in 2001, so seatbelt information was out there.

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Dogs = Pain In The Butt

Last week I fell over their cage and sprained several body parts.

This week I think I may have poisoned them.

Long story ...

Lance has been having issues with eating the past couple weeks, last week he just refused to eat. So to the vet, blood work, physical exam, nothing wrong that they could see.

Told to try different foods, was probably he was being fussy and didn't like the new food we had him on. Tried 5 different foods, wasn't eating much.

Sunday we took him in and they gave him a shot to stimulate his appetite and a shot of antibiotics with pills to give for a week. They thought maybe he had a little infection and was causing him not to eat.

It worked, he ate very well Sunday evening and Monday all day. Tuesday morning at 1am and 4am he threw-up. Wouldn't eat much Tuesday and threw-up again Wed at 2am.

Call the vet, again, could be the pills upsetting his tummy.

Wouldn't eat again on Wed, call the vet, stop the pills.

Still won't eat today, I think he's freaked about the food making him throw-up so he won't eat it. He goes to the vet on saturday for his allergy shot so we will talk with the vet again, maybe another appeitite sitmulant shot is needed.

But anyway, that's just background for the poisoning...

This morning Lance won't eat again, I turn my back for a moment and piggy Maggie goes over and starts to eat his food.

So what you think?

We put their allergy pills with peanut butter in their food and she ended up eating not only her pill but his pill also.

So now I am waiting to call the vet to see if she OD'ed on allergy pills. I did call the emergency vet and they said they didn't think it would do anything but we could make her throw-up if we wanted to.

Didn't want to do that, they freak out when they throw-up.

So I waited to call our vet which opens at 8am ...

Just called and they said it won't hurt her but will make her hyper or sleepy.

Hyper won out with her, she is bouncing off the walls.

So I am off to work knowing I didn't try to kill the puppies.

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Trip Report

Yesterday I had to fly to River Falls, WI via Minneapolis.

The plane left bout a 1/2 hour late due to fog in Detroit.

Got to my supplier around 10am their time (CST), did my stuff and was done early with the meeting so I went back to the airport hoping to catch an earlier flight out. I was able to and got on the 3pm flight (instead of 5pm). While waiting for boarding I was looking around at the people and saw this guy who just oozed liberal. One look at him and you could tell he was a tree-hugging, kumbaya singing liberal. He had on a white shirt with the sweater thrown over the shoulders (ala 80's preppy), kakai's, white tube socks and clogs.

Flight was pretty full and wasn't too bad until we hit the turbulance. It was the kind of turbulance that scares the shit of the even the most seasoned flyers. The kind where even the flight attendances swore a couple times. The kind where the plane just drops suddenly. Did that a couple times.

Got home early and felt like crap. Flying in/out on the same day disturbs my sinus's, now they hate me.

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Today in Automotive History

1965 : A tale of Daytona stock car racers

On this day, Red Line 7000, an action film about young Daytona stock-car drivers and the women who loved them, was released in the United States. Directed and written by Howard Hawks, the film starred James Caan, Charlene Holt, and featured Laura Devon and Gail Hire. Advertised under the tagline: "Meet the Speed Breed!," Red Line 7000 featured several exciting racing sequences but suffered from a tepid screenplay, and was neither a critical nor a commercial success.

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November 06, 2006

What's The Plan?

It has really been befudling people as to why Ford isn't showing some signs of recovery yet. I mean, they have been "reorganizing" now for quite some time.

I kept thinking, "man their plan sucks, they probably need to tweak it or get a whole new plan"

Well I cam across an article in Fortune magazine this past week, an interview with the new CEO, Alan Mullally and now I realized why Ford is still where they are at.

But what we didn't have was a business plan. And so my experience, that has been that it's an absolutely critical part of the management system to review every week what the plan is that we're on: the business environment of the customers, the vehicles, the revenues, - every part of it.

And so, we started with a business plan here. It was a little rugged at first. But, I'm including everybody. So everybody on my team worldwide is in that meeting, which starts at 8 o'clock, and getting the data to show us where the problem areas are now, so we can deal with the issues.




I mean, if you are going to reorganize something, you should have a plan that tells you how you are going to do it. Ford was flying by the seat of their pants, they had no plan. How the hell do you expect to change something if you have no plans on how you are going to do that?

It surprises me because Junior has an MBA, you would think a business person would know about Business plans.

It shocks me that they didn't have a plan, but now explains why they were not going anywhere.

Hopefully now that they have one we might start to see a little ray of sunshine.

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Today In Automotive History

1899 : First Packard is completed

James Ward Packard, an electrical-wire manufacturer from Warren, Ohio, first demonstrated his interest in automobiles when he hired Edward P. Cowles and Henry A. Schryver to work on plans for a possible Packard automobile in 1896. Although a functional engine was completed in 1897, it would take another two years, and James Packard's purchase of a Winton horseless carriage, before his company fully flung itself into the burgeoning automobile industry. In 1898, James Packard purchased an automobile constructed by fellow Ohio manufacturer Alexander Winston, and Packard, a first-time car owner, experienced problems with his purchase from the start. Finally, in June of 1899, after nearly a year of repairing and improving the Winston automobile on his own, Packard decided to launch the Packard Motor Company. On this day, only three months after work on his first automobile began, the first Packard was completed and test-driven through the streets of Warren, Ohio. The Model A featured a one-cylinder engine capable of producing 12hp. Built around the engine was a single-seat buggy with wire wheels, a steering tiller, an automatic spark advance, and a chain drive. Within only two months, the Packard Company sold its fifth Model A prototype to Warren resident George Kirkham for $1,250. By the 1920s, Packard was a major producer of luxury automobiles, and this prosperity would continue well into the late 1950s.

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November 05, 2006

FridaySunday Doggie Blogging

Let show our team spirit!

This is for the Redneck ...

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow

When I was off from work on Thursday (due to my little fall) and was lying on the couch, I looked outside and saw the following:

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

Just got to love winter, NOT!

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November 04, 2006





December 30th .... a Saturday!


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November 03, 2006

Sneak Peek: 2007 BMW X5

The sporting credentials of BMW's X5 have never been in question - but its utility credentials often left a bit to be desired.

Prospective buyers who needed third-row seating had to look elsewhere. And the original X5's cargo-carrying ability was not much of an improvement over a typical mid-size sedan. So although it could leave most mid-sized SUVs tumbling end over end if they even tried to hold the same line in a high-speed corner, the X5 couldn't hold as much gear or as many people.

It's no surprise that the new '07 X5 is bigger (though at first glance, it's hard to tell, so subtle are the alterations to wheelbase and sheetmetal), can be ordered with third-row seating, and now comes with a much stronger 260-horsepower standard engine. Too, its upgrade V-8 has been punched out to 4.8 liters and 350 horses from last year's 4.4-liter, 315-hp engine.

What is surprising is that the X5's sports car-quality handling characteristics have not been hobbled by any of these changes. It's typical that as a vehicle grows in size and becomes more "mainstream" and "family friendly," it also becomes more like the typical middle-aged clientele that needs mainstream and family-friendly vehicles. Once-sharp reflexes and a firm suspension set up for enthusiast drivers are swapped for drop-down DVD entertainment systems for the kids and power-operated toys for the grown-ups.

Read more on the BMW X5 at The Car Connection

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Today In Automotive History

1995 : British soldiers break bridge-building record

On this day, a team of British soldiers from the 21st Engineer Regiment broke all speed records in the construction of a bridge capable of transporting military vehicles. The British soldiers, based in Nienberg, Germany, built the bridge across a 26-foot, three-inch gap located in Hameln, Germany. Their five-bay single-story medium-girder bridge was completed in eight minutes and 44 seconds.

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November 02, 2006

Today in Automotive History

1895 : First gasoline-powered contest in America

In early 1895, Chicago Times-Herald Publisher Herman H. Kohlstaat announced that his newspaper would sponsor a race between horseless carriages. It would be the first race in America to feature gasoline-powered automobiles. Kohlstaat, who was offering $5,000 in prizes, including a first-place prize of $2,000, received telegrams from European racing enthusiasts and from automobile tinkerers across America. After delaying the event for several months at the request of entrants who were still working on their racing prototypes, Kohlstaat finally settled on an official race date--November 2. When the day arrived, 80 automobiles had been entered, but only two showed up: a Benz car brought over from Germany by Oscar Bernhard Mueller, and an automobile built by Charles and Frank Duryea of Springfield, Massachusetts. The disappointed Kohlstaat agreed to delay the official race yet again until Thanksgiving, but approved an exhibition contest to be run on this day between the Duryea brothers and Mueller. Enthusiastic spectators gathered along the 90-mile course from Jackson Park in Chicago to Waukegan, Illinois, and back again, and the Duryea car, driven by Frank, took an early lead over Mueller's motor wagon. However, less than halfway through the race, a team of horses pulling a wagon, frightened by the racket from Frank's noisy car, bolted into the middle of the road and the Duryea automobile was forced off the road and into a ditch. The undriveable car was taken back to Springfield by railroad, and the brothers began hasty repair work for the official race on November 28. Mueller was declared the winner of the exhibition by default, but on Thanksgiving Day he would have to face the Duryeas again, in an event that would be known as the Great Chicago Race of 1895.

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November 01, 2006

You Can't Make This Shit Up

It was a normal night, a night like any other night at the Weenie household.

I had logged onto Northwest's site to electronically check-in for my flights tomorrow and was ready to print the boarding passes.

Our laptop is in the kitchen on the desk area and our printer is in the den. So I grab the laptop and head into the den to print the passes out. I turn the foyer light on as we do not have a light in the den (it's basically a junk storage room right now). Opened the door, walked in towards the printer and


I smashed into the folded flat (about 6 inches in height) large dog cage we have with my right foot, not remembering it was there. I then proceded to fall, while still holding the laptop, right onto my left knee with all my weight on it, while still holding the laptop and then fell to my right back onto the large dog cage, while still holding the laptop.

Pain immediately shot through my right foot and left knee, crying like a big baby, while still holding that *&^%$$^ laptop, I finally put that )(**^&% laptop down and got up, while in alot of pain.

Sat in the chair, still bawling like a baby and printed out my boarding pass for my flight tomorrow.

Mr Weenie got home 1/2 hour later and by that time my foot and knee looked like balloons, so off to the ER we go.

Diagnoises? Sprained right ankle, broken right big toe, sprained left knee and sprained left ankle. Very sore back, right hip and right knee.

So no flying tomorrow, had to cancel because ER doc said no walking on lower "extremities" tomorrow. Thank-god I had a refundable flight.

Hope I don't get in to much trouble for having to cancel a much needed meeting, already emailed all players involved and told them my sad excuse of a story and said I could re-schedule it for next week if they wanted.

I feel like an idiot not to mention I am in incredable amounts of pain.

I am off to hunt down my Darvocet's, get more ice and lay on the couch.


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The Cheese Museum And More

My trip to Canada was uneventful, greatfully.

We did pass a sign about a Cheese museum, I will have to stop some time to see what is exactly in a cheese museum.

I learned more about the person I went with then one should ever know about a coworker. I learned the man has had 3 heart attacks, epilepsy, man breasts and it shooting blanks.

Yea, um, yea. Ick.

Got to beat one supplier up, so it wasn't all that bad. We worked from sun up to sun down, makes for a long day and a cranky quality weenie.

Tomorrow I get to fly to Minneapolis and then drive to River Falls, Wisconsin and then turn around later, drive back to Minneapolis to fly home and go to work the next day. It's going to be a loooong day. I think it may call for leaving early on Friday.

I get election day off (without pay) and the Monday after Veterans Day (again, without pay), or known as around here, the day when hunting season begins.

It sucks not getting paid, but my contract firm is cheap and gives you so many days off a year, which is suppose to cover Holidays, sick days and vacation time. But not enough to actually cover all those days, so you have to pick which ones you want to get paid for. And people wonder why I didn't want to go contract again.

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Today In Automotive History

1895 : First American auto club

The first automobile club in the United States, the American Motor League, held its preliminary meeting in Chicago, Illinois, with 60 members on this day. Dr. J. Allen Hornsby was named president of the new organization, and Charles Edgar Duryea, the car manufacturer, and Hiram P. Maxim, car designer and inventor, were named vice presidents. Charles King, who constructed one of the first four-cylinder automobiles in the following year, was named treasurer.

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