November 14, 2006

Michigan Election Results

Detroit is dragging Michigan down into the hole it is currently in. They do not want Michigan's economy to improve and they are happy with how things are (not) going in Michigan.

Michigan has the worst unemployment rate in the entire US. It's at 7.1%

Governor Granholm (D) won in Michigan again. I am still trying to figure out why because
she hasn't done anything for Michigan in the last 4 years.

But breaking it down by race will give the picture why.

Oh and one of the big points in the race was that Granholm vetoed putting a term limit
on welfare during the past 4 years, her opponite DeVos wante to bring back term limits for
how long you could be on welfare. The Governor before Granholm, a Republican, put term limits
on how long you could be on welfare.

Lets see how the races voted for the candidates:

White Devos - 43% Granholm - 53%
African American Devos - 5% Granholm - 94%
Hispanic Devos - 32% Granholm - 64%

Our US Senators ran with the same opinions on the Governor candidates about welfare. Let's
see how the races voted for the candidates:

White Bouchard (R) - 44% Stabenow (D) - 53%
African American Bouchard (R) - 9% Stabenow (D) - 88%
Hispanic Bouchard (R) - 27% Stabenow (D) - 65%

Well, we can see how that one issue persuaded voters of different races to vote. Guess they are happy that they will be able to stay on welfare for the next 4 years at least.

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You need to move to the South.. A bunch of your neighbors already have...

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