November 09, 2006

Automotive Lawsuit Lottery

On October 26th, a jury saw fit to award Branham's family $31 million in damages, after hearing arguments from the family's attorney that insisted that the high center of gravity of the SUV contributed to the crash and as such, Ford Motor Co. is inherently responsible.

But the kid was injured, has brain injuries some might whine. He should deserve something for his problems and you know that high center of gravity makes SUV's just tip over for no reason.

FoMoCo's spokeswoman, Kathleen Vokes, points to the fact that Jesse's mother admitted that at the time of the crash that she had turned around to "argue with children in the rear set," and subsequently veered off the road

So the mother admits she wasn't paying attention to the number one thing you should be doing in a car while it's moving. She took her attention away from driving and do to that she went off the road and rolled the vehicle.

But I still wondered how the kid got such serious injuries. Seatbelts usually protect people from serious injuries like that.

The children in the rear seats were not buckled up.
(emphasis mine)

The mother should be arrested and lock-up for those kids not wearing seatbelts. I mean really, with all the data out there people who do not wear their seatbelts or make their kids wear seatbelts deserve what happens to them because it has been statiscally shown seatbelts save lifes and protect one from serious injuries.

This happened in 2001, so seatbelt information was out there.

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Not to mention the fact that she didn't HAVE to buy an SUV.

I just gotta wonder what happened during that trial. Did the Ford guy eat a baby on the stand?

Posted by: Harvey at November 9, 2006 09:34 AM