November 09, 2006

Dogs = Pain In The Butt

Last week I fell over their cage and sprained several body parts.

This week I think I may have poisoned them.

Long story ...

Lance has been having issues with eating the past couple weeks, last week he just refused to eat. So to the vet, blood work, physical exam, nothing wrong that they could see.

Told to try different foods, was probably he was being fussy and didn't like the new food we had him on. Tried 5 different foods, wasn't eating much.

Sunday we took him in and they gave him a shot to stimulate his appetite and a shot of antibiotics with pills to give for a week. They thought maybe he had a little infection and was causing him not to eat.

It worked, he ate very well Sunday evening and Monday all day. Tuesday morning at 1am and 4am he threw-up. Wouldn't eat much Tuesday and threw-up again Wed at 2am.

Call the vet, again, could be the pills upsetting his tummy.

Wouldn't eat again on Wed, call the vet, stop the pills.

Still won't eat today, I think he's freaked about the food making him throw-up so he won't eat it. He goes to the vet on saturday for his allergy shot so we will talk with the vet again, maybe another appeitite sitmulant shot is needed.

But anyway, that's just background for the poisoning...

This morning Lance won't eat again, I turn my back for a moment and piggy Maggie goes over and starts to eat his food.

So what you think?

We put their allergy pills with peanut butter in their food and she ended up eating not only her pill but his pill also.

So now I am waiting to call the vet to see if she OD'ed on allergy pills. I did call the emergency vet and they said they didn't think it would do anything but we could make her throw-up if we wanted to.

Didn't want to do that, they freak out when they throw-up.

So I waited to call our vet which opens at 8am ...

Just called and they said it won't hurt her but will make her hyper or sleepy.

Hyper won out with her, she is bouncing off the walls.

So I am off to work knowing I didn't try to kill the puppies.

Posted by Quality Weenie at November 9, 2006 07:59 AM | TrackBack

Yet another use for medical marijuana - appetite stimulant :-)

Posted by: Harvey at November 9, 2006 09:35 AM

Serves them right for trying to kill you with their cage!

Posted by: Ogre at November 9, 2006 11:21 AM