November 20, 2006

The Ladies do love it when they blog be 'Neck'd..

Yes they do now. I've got the same record vs. blogin' bets as TSmith does beatin' Meatchicken. 3-0. This will be the 3rd blog I've had the honor to 'Neck.

No, this ain't gonna be pimp my ride... it's gonna be 'Neck my Blog. I need a logo that says "My blog's been 'Neck'd". Any artists? Phin? Here's what I mean.... let's take us a little walk back along memory lane... (cue dream music)...

Back in January, Tammi, was in a "State of Mind" to be sure.

Then, just last September of this year, you could've heard a pin drop in the house in Helen where all of us Felons were watchin' Ohio State put the screws to Texas in Austin. I thought Chou was gonna cry. turns out "She cussed".

That brings us up to today. Qdub's boys went down Saturday, but, I'll say this, they made it closer then either of the teams above. It was a good game. I'm not sure it was as close a game as the score indicates, but the score is what it is. Now Qdub says "they will not win their bowl game"...

I'm almost ready to make another bet about that... almost, I said.


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