December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

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My Wish for the New Year is to have a better year than this past year and for you to have a Wonderful,Properous, Happy and Healthy New Year!

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Bob Seger Concert Re-Cap

To say the least, it was one freaking awesome show.

A must see if you are a Seger fan.

The opening act was Steve Azar, pretty good, heard him on the Country music stations (they labeled him as a Blues player in the papers).

At 9:15 the loud speaker guy said to take your seats as the show would be starting soon (meaning Seger was coming on). At 9:20 they started playing "The Boys are back in town" over the loud speakers, everyone knew just what that meant.

The lights went dark and Seger just walked on stage.

The first song was "Roll Me Away" from The Distance album and it just got better from there. The entire audience stood for the 2 hour show and rocked along with Seger.

He played about 6 songs from his new album "Face the Promise" and the rest was old time rock-n-roll stuff. He played songs I didn't think he would play like "Horizontal Bop" and "Betty Lou".

Come to think of it, I don't think he played anything newer than "The Distance" album, besides stuff from his newest album.

He even played stuff from the 60's ...

In all it was a great concert and I am so glad I got tickets. It will be a show to remember. If you are a Seger fan at all you need to go see his concert. His voice was very strong and the band was excellent.

There are rumors he may come back to Detroit in the summer and play our outdoor venue, if it's true I will be going again. It was too good of a show not to see it a second time.

What Mr Weenie and I kept commenting on was the age of the audience. We were some of the youngest people there. It was funny to see these Grandma and Grandpa type people rocking it out.

Due to the congestion in the parking lot after the show we didn't get home until 1am. Mr Weenie and I also couldn't remember the last time we were up until that time, it had to of been at least 5 years or more.

And Kidd Rock didn't make it to this concert (he was at the first 2 concerts and did the duet from Segers new album that Kidd Rock and Seger do). Kidd rock had just got back from entertaining the troops in Iraq on Friday and wasn't up to doing the show.

In all, this had to been the best Christmas present I have ever gotten myself.

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December 30, 2006



They will also be taping the show to make a DVD for sale later next year. I could become famous!

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Did You Know?

That 10% of all Engineers in our Nation live in South Eastern Michigan?

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December 27, 2006

RIP President Ford

The nation's 38th president, and the only one neither elected to the office nor the vice presidency, died at his desert home at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Ford spent most of his boyhood in Grand Rapids, Mich.

He was born Leslie King on July 14, 1913, in Omaha, Neb. His parents were divorced when he was less than a year old, and his mother returned to her parents in Grand Rapids, where she later married Gerald R. Ford Sr. He adopted the boy and renamed him.

Ford played center on the University of Michigan's 1932 and 1933 national champion football teams. He got professional offers from the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers, but chose to study law at Yale, working his way through as an assistant varsity football coach and freshman boxing coach.

Information about his memorial can be found here.

Interactive site about his life can be found here.

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Today in Automotive History

1943 : Auto engineer and inventor dies

The Crosley mail carCurtis Veeder, the engineer who invented the modern automotive tachometer and odometer, died on this day. A tachometer is a device which indicates speed of rotation, and an odometer is an instrument for measuring distance traveled.

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December 26, 2006

Christmas, It's Over

Thank-God for small favors!

I would have the greatest Christmas's if I didn't have to go relatives houses. The "older" adults in family have gotten cynical and rude as they get older.

The most popular question I heard yesterday "so you got "laid-off" AGAIN?". It was pretty easy to guess the meaning behind that statement.

The second most popular question I heard yesterday was "you know you should look for a new job right away and not wait" ... duh, I started looking the same day. I also can guess the meaning behind that statement too.

I got this from my FIL "getting "laid-off" so often employers are going to think you are not a good employee" ... not hard to guess the meaning behind that statement either.

Ya, my family just "loves" me .... I'm sure you can feel the love coming from those statements.

And to top everything off every place we had to visit yesterday seemed to boycott junk food. The closet thing I had to junk food was chips & dip. Nobody had any desserts either .... sucked, just sucked.

I had French Silk Pie for breakfast this morning just to even things out from yesterdays junk food boycott.

And gifts, I am getting the feeling that my family hates me. The puppies got better and more gifts then I did.

They got some really nice clothes and a bunch of new toys ... What did I get? Click to find out one of the wonderful gifts I got ...

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Ya, this shirt is never seeing the light of day on me. I mean I am crazy about my puppies, but not that crazy.

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December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

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From the Weenie Family to your Family, Have a Joyous and Merry Christmas!

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December 23, 2006

Michigan To Be Over Run By Muslims

I know we already have more than our fair share of Muslims but now they are going to hold a conference in Dearborn, Michigan.

Muslims from across the country are to gather in Dearborn this weekend for a national conference aimed at reviving the Islamic faith and educating the public about a religion that has come under increasing attack in the last week.

Just in time for Christmas too, well I guess we won't have to worry about a Terrorist attack over the weekend.

Some 3,000 to 4,000 Muslims are expected to attend the annual convention of the Muslim American Society and the Islamic Circle of North America, two Sunni Muslim groups that have significant numbers in metro Detroit.

And I am sure a couple dozen or so of those names are on the FBI's watch list. I am sure the FBI and other alphabet agencies will be crawling all over Metro Detroit this weekend.

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Thank-You Very Much Michigan Voters

Back in November, the majority of voters in Michigan voted to give out Democratic Governor another 4 years in office. She hadn't done anything for the state or it's people but they didn't want to put the Republican runner in office because "he was rich, he didn't need to be in politics".

I knew it would kick us in the ass but those fools who voted Democrat thought she was the best thing since sliced bread, probably because she refuses to put limits on how long you can be on welfare.

So today I read this:

Michigan's economic doldrums would continue into 2007, forcing state policy makers to choose between increasing taxes and significant cuts in services

And of course, we can't cut programs "for the children" so the only alturnative is to raise taxes.

Gee Democrat's raising taxes, who would have thunk it .... But the previous 4 years she had a Republican controled Congress to contend with but now she has a Democratic Congress in Michigan backing her up so taxes will be raised as soon as they are sworn in.

Thank-you very much Michigan voters, especially those that voted for Democrats to teach the Republicans a lesson. Hope you enjoy your "victory", you will be celebrating by paying out more of your earned income.

And how will we be paying those increased taxes?

The state's two primary general taxes, sales and income, could be changed in many ways, expanding the sales taxes to such services as hair cuts and car repairs, for instance

We already pay 6% in sales tax ...

During the campaign there was no mention about taxes, neither raising or lowering taxes but I sure as hell don't remember this in any of her commercials...

She also said she believes voters rejected an economic policy based on tax cuts and smaller government when they returned her to office by an overwhelming margin

So all of those that voted for her voted for increased taxes and big government.

Thank-you very much.

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December 19, 2006

Stupid Christmas Meme

Contagion of Miasmatic Review tagged me with this stupid Christmas meme, like I don't have anything else to do ... well, ok, I don't have anything else to do but that is besides the point ..

1.Wrapping paper or gift bags? Use to do the wrapping thing but then I discovered the wonders of gift bags!

2.Real tree or artificial? Artifical

3.When do you put up the tree? Thanksgiving Weekend

4.When do you take the tree down? December 26th

5.Do you like eggnog? Eweeeeeeeeeeee

6.Favorite gift you received as a child? Barbie's RV

7.Do you have a nativity scene? Yes

8.Hardest person to buy for? Nobody, really, I never have problems getting stuff for anybody.

9.Easiest person to buy for? Mother, because no matter what you buy her she returns it for a gift card and gives you said gift card the next year for Christmas. We have learned to buy things at stores we like.

10.Mail or email Christmas cards? Mailed along with a Christmas letter of our year and now a picture of the puppies also.

11.Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Karioke machine ... I don't do Karioke

12.Favorite Christmas move? A year without a Santa Claus ... gotta Love Heat Miser

13.When do you start shopping? October

14.Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Uh… no?

15.Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Food ... I'm really not that picky

16.Clear lights or colored on the tree? Multi-Colored lights, I am just not into the white lights ... looks snobbish to me

17.Favorite Christmas song? The Carol of the Bell

18.Travel at Christmas or stay home? Travel all over the freaking place ... first to my moms side, then to my family, then to Hubbys fathers side ... We are gone usually 14-16 hours on Christmas day ... oh and Christmas eve it's usually hubbies mothers side and my fathers side ...

19.Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeers? Yes

20.Angel on the tree top or a star? Angel ... had an Angel growing up so having anything else would be sacreligious

21.Open the presents on Christmas ever or morning? Christmas morning, christmas late morning, christmas afternoon ....

22.Most annoying thing about this time of year? Stupid Chrismtas meme's

23.Do you have Jebus in your heart this Christmas? Usually when I am reading his blog

24.What would you like for Christmas? A job that lasts more than 4 months!

Tagging ....

Well it looks like Contagion tagged all my readers, so if you by some chance you are a reader and didn't get tagged consider yourself tagged.

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Today in Automotive History

1994 : German under the hood

The Rolls-Royce Silver GhostGreat Britain's prestigious Rolls-Royce, a luxury automobile maker, announced that its future cars would feature 12-cylinder motors manufactured by Germany's BMW. It was an ironic change; in earlier years, Rolls-Royce made a name for itself in automobile and aircraft engines.

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December 18, 2006

Umemployment + PMS = Disasterous Equation

Yes folks, I am PMSing adding my unemployed status to that and you have yourself and very unpleasant situation.

My moods are swinging so fast even the puppies are hiding.

I nearly jumped over the counter at the Bank and killed the teller because they had run out of money, it's a god damn bank, how the hell do you run out of money.

Talked with Mr Weenie just now and he said something about finding some protective armour. And Mr Weenie always seems to say something stupid when he knows he should stop talking and just hand chocolate to me. It's like it's impossible for him not to say something to unleash the beast, even after I warn him about the lurking beast too.

Excuse me while I go make another batch of brownies.

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Today in Automotive History

1984 : Chevy Nova debuts

Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat in his Jeantaud automobileThe first Chevy Nova is introduced by New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc., a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors. This car later met with marketing trouble in South America, where its name read as "No Go" to Spanish speakers.

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December 13, 2006

Car & Truck Of The Year Finalist Announced

The top 3 finalist for the Car and Truck of the Year were announced today.

They are:

Honda Fit
Saturn Aura
Toyota Camry

Chevy Silverado
Ford Edge
Mazda CX-7

I picked the Toyota Camry and Dodge Nitro ... The Camry is still in the running, because as we know the media kiss Toyota's ass.

The winners are annouced on January 7th, the traditional start of press week at the auto show.

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Google Fame For Losing Job?!

When I wrote the post about losing my job, I didn't think it would bring me google fame ...

I am #2 for:

automotive "can't keep a job"

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Foot Test Results

Well I went to the doctors yesterday to find out about my test result for my foot and there was good news and not so good news.

The good news was that they don't really think the tumor has grown back. They said there are a couple dark spots on the X-ray but it's nothing that is too concerning to them and they don't really know what the previous doctor did during the last surgery and the dark spots could be related to something that was done during the surgery.

The bad news is that I have something call Hallux Limitus, it basically means I have limited mobility of my big toe and the joints of the big toe are jamming against each other, hence the pain. I also have a arthritic bone spur just below the joint (it can cause it). So eventually it will get bad enough (or big enough) for removal surgery.

So now tumor, but arthritis is now confirmed in my feet (I had thought so) and I imagine within the next 5 years I will be having surgery to remove the bone spur and fix the joints that are jamming into each other.

In all not as bad as I expected it to be, so I am a very happy camper!

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Today in Automotive History

1922 : Early convertible top patented

Eight years after they began offering their removable cartop on KisselKar and Kissel automobiles, William Kissel and Friedrich Werner received an American patent for their invention. Their "Convertible Automobile Body" had a removable hard top that could turn a closed car into an open touring car--one of the earliest convertibles.

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December 12, 2006

Doggie Blogging

Puppy goodness!

We got the puppies doggy heating pads last year so when they were in their cages while we were at work they would keep warm (we didn't want to leave the heat up just for the puppies), they love them!

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This is their Christmas picture we sent out with the Christmas cards this year.
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Screwed Again

How many days left in this year?

I heard from the EEOC about my claim against that freaking Japanese Supplier I use to work for and started off this year of hell in which I am living, they denied it because there wasn't enough evidence to suggest that I was really harrassed.

Ya, because they lied like hell and made crap up.

So I spoke with a lawyer and they said now a days unless you have an open and shut harrassement case you won't win. A he said, she said case like mine is fuzzy even though there was clearly harrassement is very hard to win.

So I get to chaulk it up to getting royally screwed by that employer and live and learn.

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Today in Automotive History

1916 : Studebaker digs in

The South Bend Studebaker factory at the turn of the 20th centuryThe Studebaker Corporation, a leading automaker that began as the world's biggest manufacturer of horseless carriages, began construction of a new factory in South Bend, Indiana. Studebaker was a leading automaker througout the first half of the twentieth century.

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December 08, 2006

Barney's Chrimstmas Video

Barney's Chrimstmas Video has been release by the White House ...

Go over and have a look!

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Walk Of Shame

I just got back from doing the walk of shame where I was formally employeed.

What really chafs my ass is that my former boss didn't even have the balls to come out of hiding.

Bastard ...

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December 07, 2006

You Are Not Going To F**King Believe This

There is a reason I hate, hate, hate doing contract work.

My contract firm called me an hour ago ...

GM had some budget cuts to make ...

I am part of the budget cuts ...

Yes ...

I just lost my fucking job ...

Again ...

Merry Fucking Christmas to me ...

This was one of the main reason I didn't really want to take a contract job, especially with the way the automotive industry is right now. Contract workers are the first to go.

I was at the fucking job for 2 months, 2 fucking months and they decide now that they need a budget cut.

No, it wasn't anything I did. My contract firm relayed that much information to me.

Do you know how much of a fucking loser I feel like right now?

I have had 3 fucking jobs this year, 3 fucking jobs.

There is no way anyone is going to hire before the new year, so I am off a minimum of 3 weeks. Nobody is even doing any hiring right now because it's the end of the year.

I really can't get much lower than I am right now. I can even keep a fucking job, this from a person who has had nothing but praise in every job I have ever had and now I can't keep a job to save my life.

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Could It Be Any More Painful? Day 3

We got out super early today, by 2:30.

We had "activities" to do all day today. Stupid, teambuilding activities.

I hate that crap and I hate working in teams because I always end up with the supid people on my team which means I end up doing everything because they don't know how to do anything.

I also had Saddam Hussein in my class, sat next to me for the 3 days and wore way to much cologne. Gak, I could taste it.

At least my training should be over for a long time.

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December 06, 2006

Could It Be Any More Painful? Day 2

I am ready to poke my eyeballs out with a rusty screw ...

Agh .... Today we learned everything I already knew ... and played stupid "teambuilding" games ... ...

In one of our exercises I nearly killed a teammate because they are stupid. He kept saying "I just don't understand what they are saying" and the problem and solution were so simple a caveman could have figured it out ...

And to top it off they ain't even feeding us lunch... we have to buy our own bastards ...

At least tomorrow I get to wear jeans because we will be doing some of our "teambuilding" exercises on the floor ... gak

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December 05, 2006

Could It Be Any More Painful?

Starting today and continuing for an additional 2 days (through Thursday) I am being forced to attend a class put on by work.

A class on things that one should already know to do the job I am doing.

It's a mandatory class for all "new" people.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

And to top that misery off, it's up in Pontiac, Michigan.

On a good day it's 1 1/2 hours of driving , each.way.

It's suppose to snow tomorrow, that is going to add about an hour onto my drive, each.way.

Ya, this sucks wet socks.

So posting will be light for the next couple days.

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December 04, 2006

Hard Core

You Are Tequilla
When you drink, you're serious about getting drunk!
You'll take any shot that's offered up to you...
Even if it tastes like sock sweat!
And you're never afraid of eating the worm.
What Alcoholic Drink Are You?
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Everything Is Coming Up Roses

So Michigan is going to the Rose Bowl and Florida with it's big mouth, anti-Michigan, dumbassed comments and politicing is going to the BCS.

So let me understand this, both teams had one loss this year. Michigan lost to Ohio State, the number 1 ranked team, by only 3 points. Florida lost to an unranked team (at the time) by 10 points.

And Florida is deemed the better team?

Ya, I don't understand it either.

Neither do the computer calculations which taken eveything into consideration has Florida and Michigan ranked the same, but the human element entered into the picture and people thought Florida was the better team.

Or was it Florida's loud-mouth, jackass of a coach the influence.

Hmm, ya I wonder what the influence was.

So Michigan, being the better team is saying nothing and going to the Rose Bowl while Florida and it's Jack-ass, loud mouth, anti-Michigan spewing coach is going to the BCS.

This will be the only time in my life that I will root for Ohio State as Florida doesn't really deserve to be there.

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North American International Auto Show

It's that time of the year again, the time when all throughts in the Metro Detroit area turn to Auto Show time.

Well actually, that started back in October but I am just getting around to it now.

For a sneak peek as to who's going to debuing what go here

We probably won't be going to the Auto Show this year because we turned in my lease year (was due in March) and I got a new vehicle the day after Thanksgiving (I was over in mileage so it was a wash to end it early and pay the rest of the payments or keep it and pay the same as we did now for overmileage).

And now onto the Car and Truck of the Year Nominees:

Chrysler Sebring
Dodge Caliber
Honda Fit
Infiniti G35
Jaguar XK/XKR
Lexus LS460
Mercedes S-Class
Nissan Altima
Nissan Versa
Saturn Aura
Toyota Camry

Acura MDX
Acura RDX
Audi Q7
Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban
Chevrolet Silverado
Dodge Nitro
Ford Edge
GMC Acadia
Honda CR-V
Hyundai Santa Fe
Jeep Wrangler
Mazda CX-7
Saturn Vue Green Line
Toyota FJ Cruiser

My thoughts, it will probably be the Toyota Camry for Car of the Year because the press loves to suck the teats of the Japanese and for Truck I am going to pick the Dodge Nitro. I don't like how it looks but it's been getting a lot of press lately.

For the 2007 North American International Auto Show information go here

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Today In Automotive History

1915 : Henry Ford tries to end Great War

Automobile tycoon Henry Ford set sail for Europe on this day in 1915 from Hoboken, New Jersey, aboard the Ford Peace Ship. His mission: to end World War I. His slogan, "Out of the trenches and back to their homes by Christmas," won an enthusiastic response in the States, but didn't get very far overseas. Ford's diplomatic mission was not taken seriously in Europe, and he soon returned.

PS - Sounds like Ford was a hippy liberal.

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December 03, 2006

Crap Goes In, Crap Goes Out

Thank-god that is over ... christ this place is messy ..

*climbing over beer bottles, midgets and naked women*

And the smell ....

*walking around the camels*

Man, it's going to take forever to clean this place up ...

Hey Neck, I'm gonna need to borrow that Pinesol ....

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December 02, 2006

'Tis the time to...

Return you to your regularly scheduled programmin'...


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December 01, 2006

Second Chances Are For Next Year

Ohiyo State vs Michigan. They've already played this year. Ohiyo won. Try again next year Michigan. Ohiyo, you're lucky they shouldn't get a second crack atcha!

AND everyone knows that if TEXAS played Ohiyo again, the Buckeyes would be renamed the Blackeyes...cause we'd kick their asses!

Good night, Ohiyo!

Some Ohio I could do on the spur....

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A look around...

Ive been here for damned near 2 weeks and hadn't had to pee yet. Must have been all that "focus" stuff the Buckeyes talk about. I don't know. Whatever it was, I just took a look around the bathroom, 'cause I had to pee, and as I was headin' out the door to go back to doin' what I do, somethin' caught my eye...

Why, I never in a thousand years would've thought I'd have found one of these in Qdub's bathroom...

I always thought it was a BYOR deal...


At least I feel a little better now at least that I know she's not givin' them away.

This picture is suitable for framin'...

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A little doggie mess on the last evenin' in town

This was their reaction when I told 'em Qdub took the bait bet...


This was their reaction after I told 'em we owned the "Weenie". I had to tell 'em 'cause they can't read, besides, when they hear Brent Musburger, they just look away from the tv and start lickin' their balls, or assholes, or... you get the idea. Anybody but Brent, and probably Bryant Gumball(pronoucned - Gum-ball). Matter of fact, I think this pose is the "Suck it Brent" pose. Naw, I can't take credit for teachin' that pose... That one's somethin' you can't teach.


This is probably how she felt come that fateful Saturday late afternoon 12 or so days ago give or take a day, after realizin' she'd just lost... Face plant indeed.. Notice the "blue" of, Maize and Blue fame, bathin' suit on the diverette. Yeah yeah yeah, I hear you... at least your divers have water in the pool, but ours don't hit the damned board. And they know how to roll. (Maurice is the divin' coach). A little grey goose and a flack jacket and our divers are all set.


And this is what she'll be thinkin' after midnight tonight...


I just noticed somethin'... and that's usually never good, but take a look a the "self portrait" cartoon on the left sidebar... Notice the similarities 'tween the cartoon and the photo. The only thing missin' is the Cowgirl hat, and I'm thinkin' the cartoon is wrong...

I ain't quite finished here jus' yet... One, maybe two more tonight 'fore the clock strikes midnight...

All y'all I sent invites to, Last call at the weenie bar.

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Time is runnin' out for this gig

Well, I reckon this will be the last evenin' you'll have to face the music Qdub. I'm gonna get in a near partin' shot here, and maybe one final shot later this evenin'.

Things are gonna change pretty soon Qdub... ;)

Oh, one more little thing... "This ain't no hollaback girl"

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