December 31, 2006

Bob Seger Concert Re-Cap

To say the least, it was one freaking awesome show.

A must see if you are a Seger fan.

The opening act was Steve Azar, pretty good, heard him on the Country music stations (they labeled him as a Blues player in the papers).

At 9:15 the loud speaker guy said to take your seats as the show would be starting soon (meaning Seger was coming on). At 9:20 they started playing "The Boys are back in town" over the loud speakers, everyone knew just what that meant.

The lights went dark and Seger just walked on stage.

The first song was "Roll Me Away" from The Distance album and it just got better from there. The entire audience stood for the 2 hour show and rocked along with Seger.

He played about 6 songs from his new album "Face the Promise" and the rest was old time rock-n-roll stuff. He played songs I didn't think he would play like "Horizontal Bop" and "Betty Lou".

Come to think of it, I don't think he played anything newer than "The Distance" album, besides stuff from his newest album.

He even played stuff from the 60's ...

In all it was a great concert and I am so glad I got tickets. It will be a show to remember. If you are a Seger fan at all you need to go see his concert. His voice was very strong and the band was excellent.

There are rumors he may come back to Detroit in the summer and play our outdoor venue, if it's true I will be going again. It was too good of a show not to see it a second time.

What Mr Weenie and I kept commenting on was the age of the audience. We were some of the youngest people there. It was funny to see these Grandma and Grandpa type people rocking it out.

Due to the congestion in the parking lot after the show we didn't get home until 1am. Mr Weenie and I also couldn't remember the last time we were up until that time, it had to of been at least 5 years or more.

And Kidd Rock didn't make it to this concert (he was at the first 2 concerts and did the duet from Segers new album that Kidd Rock and Seger do). Kidd rock had just got back from entertaining the troops in Iraq on Friday and wasn't up to doing the show.

In all, this had to been the best Christmas present I have ever gotten myself.

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I am soooooooo jealous. ;)
Glad you had a blast, QW!

Posted by: jimmyb at January 4, 2007 05:56 PM