December 23, 2006

Thank-You Very Much Michigan Voters

Back in November, the majority of voters in Michigan voted to give out Democratic Governor another 4 years in office. She hadn't done anything for the state or it's people but they didn't want to put the Republican runner in office because "he was rich, he didn't need to be in politics".

I knew it would kick us in the ass but those fools who voted Democrat thought she was the best thing since sliced bread, probably because she refuses to put limits on how long you can be on welfare.

So today I read this:

Michigan's economic doldrums would continue into 2007, forcing state policy makers to choose between increasing taxes and significant cuts in services

And of course, we can't cut programs "for the children" so the only alturnative is to raise taxes.

Gee Democrat's raising taxes, who would have thunk it .... But the previous 4 years she had a Republican controled Congress to contend with but now she has a Democratic Congress in Michigan backing her up so taxes will be raised as soon as they are sworn in.

Thank-you very much Michigan voters, especially those that voted for Democrats to teach the Republicans a lesson. Hope you enjoy your "victory", you will be celebrating by paying out more of your earned income.

And how will we be paying those increased taxes?

The state's two primary general taxes, sales and income, could be changed in many ways, expanding the sales taxes to such services as hair cuts and car repairs, for instance

We already pay 6% in sales tax ...

During the campaign there was no mention about taxes, neither raising or lowering taxes but I sure as hell don't remember this in any of her commercials...

She also said she believes voters rejected an economic policy based on tax cuts and smaller government when they returned her to office by an overwhelming margin

So all of those that voted for her voted for increased taxes and big government.

Thank-you very much.

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