December 01, 2006

A little doggie mess on the last evenin' in town

This was their reaction when I told 'em Qdub took the bait bet...


This was their reaction after I told 'em we owned the "Weenie". I had to tell 'em 'cause they can't read, besides, when they hear Brent Musburger, they just look away from the tv and start lickin' their balls, or assholes, or... you get the idea. Anybody but Brent, and probably Bryant Gumball(pronoucned - Gum-ball). Matter of fact, I think this pose is the "Suck it Brent" pose. Naw, I can't take credit for teachin' that pose... That one's somethin' you can't teach.


This is probably how she felt come that fateful Saturday late afternoon 12 or so days ago give or take a day, after realizin' she'd just lost... Face plant indeed.. Notice the "blue" of, Maize and Blue fame, bathin' suit on the diverette. Yeah yeah yeah, I hear you... at least your divers have water in the pool, but ours don't hit the damned board. And they know how to roll. (Maurice is the divin' coach). A little grey goose and a flack jacket and our divers are all set.


And this is what she'll be thinkin' after midnight tonight...


I just noticed somethin'... and that's usually never good, but take a look a the "self portrait" cartoon on the left sidebar... Notice the similarities 'tween the cartoon and the photo. The only thing missin' is the Cowgirl hat, and I'm thinkin' the cartoon is wrong...

I ain't quite finished here jus' yet... One, maybe two more tonight 'fore the clock strikes midnight...

All y'all I sent invites to, Last call at the weenie bar.

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