December 04, 2006

Hard Core

You Are Tequilla
When you drink, you're serious about getting drunk!
You'll take any shot that's offered up to you...
Even if it tastes like sock sweat!
And you're never afraid of eating the worm.
What Alcoholic Drink Are You?
Posted by Quality Weenie at December 4, 2006 01:01 PM | TrackBack

**sniff sniff** I'm so proud. You and your sister - AW - both did me proud. Of course we may have to apply lots of peer pressure to get her to post her results.... But Tequila? Are you tryin' to be Mama's favorite?

Posted by: Tammi at December 5, 2006 02:09 PM

And I'm a Martini...

Posted by: Mathew at December 6, 2006 05:54 AM