November 29, 2006

It’s that time of year again. Come on now… he’p a brother out. (The Weenie Remix)

Usually, I use "your blogs been 'Necked" opportunities to poke fun, screw off, and invite others I know to make an ass out of ourselves. This time, fortuneately, the 'Neckin' permits me to possibly reach more good people for a good cause. I've posted this at my site, so I'm gonna do it again here... Cut and Paste is the whip people...

The last two or three years, maybe more, I’ve contributed to helping to bring our folks in the service home for the holidays for Christmas. I haven’t always been able to contribute what I wanted, but I contributed what I could. That’s what I’d like for you to do if you feel so inclined.

Ernie, a former Zoomie, has a site at (Ernie’s House Of Whoop Ass). It’s probably not everybody’s jar o’ shine, but I believe what he’s been doing the last 6 years is a good thing.

He takes request’s from our service folk for plane tickets to “bring ‘em home” for Christmas. You can donate cash, or frequent flyer miles. It’s tax deductable. If that matters to you. You can read about the program at this site. I know it’s the holiday season, and cash can be tight, but if you can help out, I sure would appreciate it. If you’d like to help out on your blog, well, you know what to do. I haven’t seen any fancy sidebar jobbies to put up to advertise it, so you’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way…



PS: Here’s the email Ernie sent me, probably because of past support for this:

Ahhh, the holiday season.

The leaves are turning colors.

We’re greeted by the first frost of the season.

And there’s me… mooching money for LBEH ;)

We started a few days before Thanksgfiving this year (a little late due to some delays on my end, but better late than never, right?) And we’re already over 90+ requests, which is a good. The catch is, we’re only at $15k in donations, which is bad. So if you get a minute, swing on by to your ol pal Ernie’s pet project and see if you can’t work some magic?

And remember? Your donations are tax deductible!! More info on this, along with current donation tally and ticket requests… on the website.

So hop in and keep an eye on things at !

If you have ANY questions, PLEASE fire me back an email!

And thanks for your support!!!!


ALSO: You can “fire back” at him with his email addy… ernie at if you have any questions about the program.

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