September 30, 2004

Giddy! Is everyone else as


Is everyone else as giddy as I am for tonights debate?

I feel like it's Christmas Eve. I am going to rush home from class tonight so I can get all comfy with the popcorn so I will be all ready for the debate.

I have never been this excited to watch a debate in my life, it's amazing what Kerry has done for my interest in politics! He's made watching and learning about the topics so much fun.

I haven't had this good of laugh over a politician in my life.

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Sneak Peak - 2006 Subaru

Sneak Peak - 2006 Subaru

Subaru working on a 7-passenger crossover

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., the General Motors Corp. affiliate and Japanese parent of Subaru, is working on its first seven-passenger people mover, a van-like crossover vehicle that reportedly will be named Tribeca. The vehicle, which is slated to go on sale next year as a 2006 model, will feature all-wheel drive and a twin-cam 3.0 liter flat-six engine. It will feature three rows of seats and will be larger than any vehicle in the current Subaru lineup. The Tribeca will go into production at Subaru's plant in Lafayette, Ind., and will spawn a version for GM subsidiary Saab to be called the 9-6X. --Paul Lienert.

P.S. - At work we were awarded a part for a new Subaru launching Spring 2005, I wonder if this is the vehicle? Hmmm I'll have to enquire about it.

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Enquiring Minds Want to Know

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

Yesterday driving home, the mini-van in front of me had this license plate:


Does she love cops?
Are her kids messy, but she still loves them?
Is her house messy?
Or does she have a fetish for barnyard pigs?

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Today in Automotive History 1937

Today in Automotive History

1937 The Last Duesenberg

They were considered the most luxurious cars in the world, hand-crafted and custom-made, heeded as the epitome of flamboyance and elegance. Their clientele included the great, the near-great, the famous, and the infamous. For almost 10 years, Duesenbergs were acknowledged as the ultimate in quality and value, inspiring the expression "it's a duesy." However, this symbol of opulence suffered during the hard times of the Great Depression, and Duesenberg was forced to close its doors forever on this day.

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September 29, 2004

No Posting today My husband

No Posting today

My husband just found out last night that his cousins 2 month old son died. The funeral is today so I won't feel much like posting today.

Say a little prayer for the baby and parents. Thanks

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September 28, 2004

Another Quality Post Last week

Another Quality Post

Last week I mentioned in several posts about being busy at work, well I finally have time to "reflect" on it.

We were launching a new part last week and bossman went to another state to launch that part at the customers plant. He called many, many, many times on Monday about issues he kept finding on our parts. Silly mistakes really, like forgetting to put parts on, assembling 2 different parts together, not sealing the bags we put our parts into, not firmly pushing the parts into their place, and placing labels upside down. Mistakes that shouldn't have been made had people been paying just a little bit of attention to what they were doing.

So I was running back and forth, taking the phones calls from bossman and relaying that information back to the floor. Nothing makes me more mad then silly mistakes of not paying attention. I was practically babysitting people on the floor, making sure they were doing things correctly.

Then come Wednesday I get a call from a different customer saying they were having an issue with a piece on our part falling off just by touching it. Of course that customer made it sound like the world was coming to an end, but in the end it wasn't anywhere near what they first said. Come to find out someone at our facility turned a pressure knob that should never be touched, causing a low weld pressure, hence causing the piece to fall apart. This is where I got the ass chewing. One guy at the customer seemed to think I would work harder on the problem if he started off right away being an ass and yelling. I couldn't believe how much he was yelling and I just found out about the problem when he called. I just don't understand that theory. Thank-god he had to leave for the day and I got to deal with someone much much nicer and understanding. That person is the one who got me to work harder and figure the problem out, not assman.

It really boils down to people not really paying attention to what they are doing. They speed through putting the parts together thinking they are making their quota (they have to make so many parts a day) but when the parts get inspected they really only did 50-75% of their quota because they made so many defects. I try to explain this to them but they don't get it.

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Today in Automotive History 1978

Today in Automotive History

1978 Rotary Speed

Car & Driver Editor Don Sherman set a Class E record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on this day, driving the Mazda RX7, the standard-bearer for the rotary engine in the U.S. market, and reaching 183.904mph. The RX7's unique rotary engine doesn't have the standard pistons, instead, two rounded "rotors" spin to turn the engine's flywheel. Although the rotary engine was not a new concept, the Mazda RX7 was one of the first to conquer the reliability issues faced by earlier rotary engines. Light and fun to drive, with 105hp from its 1.1 liter rotary engine, the RX7 was extremely popular.

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September 27, 2004

My New Office Mate I

My New Office Mate

I mentioned back in this post about getting a new Office mate, a rather chatty office mate.

First impressions are everything and usually my first impression are dead on, it's rare that I am wrong about the vibes I get from somebody. And this chatty office mate was giving off wierd vibes, vibes that I couldn't get a grasp of what they ment. There was just something I didn't like about them and it was bugging the hell out of me. So I watched them for a couple days and the feeling just got more intense. I soon realized that they were a "I'm going to change this company and make a name for myself" type of person. If there is one thing the people in this company hate it's that kind of a person. They also, to me that is, don't really want to do the job they were hired for but instead want to do my job. They are butting into my reponsibilites, trying to do them before I have a chance. But that still wasn't it, but on Friday I finally figured it out.

I come in real early on Friday's to have Quality meetings with all 3 shifts, so I'm in at 6:30am. My chatty office mate starts at 7am but was in at 6:30am. With my meetings I am in and out of the office all morning. And I started to notice everytime I went in the office they would leave and when I left they would come back in. So I purposely started going in and out and the trend continued. Then I thought back and realized that this person in the past 2 weeks would never be in the office when I was in there. I coupled that with a couple things that happened during the week when I asked for some stuff to be done and information relayed back to me so I could give it to another person and discuss it with them. They would go directly to that other person and discuss it with them (goes back to the doing my job instead of their own).

It then hit me, because I have seen this happen before. This person can not (will not, doesn't want to) work with women that are in a technical position. I really have a problem working with people who have a problem with this. I didn't get this job by anything but my skill, experience and schooling. Nothing more.

I have already proven my worth to this company and I don't feel I have to prove my worth to this one person. If anything they need to prove their worth to the company and to me. There the new one, not me. But they really don't act like they need to prove their worth to anybody. Well this should be interesting.

On a side note they stuck another newbie in my office with me. At least this one is nice and not on a power trip.

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I've got a new Blogbrother

I've got a new Blogbrother

Yep that's right, Blogdad, Harvey of Bad Example has procreated again, and I got's me a new blogbrother:

Jeff at Au Fait

Now, Jeff claims he knows what he's getting himself into, but he really doesn't. Really. Trust Me.

So head on over and welcome him into the Family, oh and Jeff don't forgot to kiss Blogdad's ring.

Oh and another thing, newest child has to buy the beer!

Labat's Blue please

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Sneak Peak - 2006 Porsche

Sneak Peak - 2006 Porsche 911

Image Hosted by

Porsche 911 rag-top gets a facelift for 2006

European enthusiasts are just getting their first look at the redesigned Porsche 911 coupe, which goes on sale this fall. But they'll have to wait until next spring for a glimpse of the next-generation 911 Cabriolet, which is expected to arrive in U.S. showrooms as a 2006 model. Like the coupe, the soft-top edition of the new 911 gets an evolutionary makeover, with a revised nose that sports traditional oval headlamps. Under the skin is the familiar rear-engine layout, with Porsche offering a choice of flat-six engines developing up to 355 horsepower in normally aspirated form. A high-performance turbo version of the cabriolet is expected to make its debut in about 18 months. -- Paul Lienert

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Today in Automotive History 1928

Today in Automotive History

1928 A Ford Cornerstone Is Laid

The first cornerstone of the Henry Ford Museum was laid today, the first step in establishing one of the most extensive collections of automotive history in the world. Although the museum is named after Henry Ford, its collection extends well beyond the Ford Motor Company. Its holdings include product literature, advertising and promotional materials, thousands of books, and almost 300 cars. The museum also hosts exhibits on everything from agriculture to industry.

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September 24, 2004

Carnival of the Pajama's Remember

Carnival of the Pajama's

Remember seeing my Jammies? Well Blogdad, Harvey of Bad Example, is hosting bloggers jammies. Go on over and take a look at all the jammies, even Blogdad put a picture up. You have got to take a look at his feet, by god I think his toes are longer than my longest finger.

I'm disappointed that more guys didn't show up their jammies :(

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Today in Automotive History 1908

Today in Automotive History

1908 Built To A "T"

The first factory-built Ford Model T was completed on this day, just one more step in Ford's affordable revolution. Affectionately known as the "Tin Lizzie," the Model T revolutionized the automotive industry by providing an affordable, reliable car for the average person. Ford was able to keep the price down by retaining control of all raw materials, and by employing revolutionary mass production methods. When it was first introduced, the "Tin Lizzie" cost only $850 and seated two people.

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September 23, 2004

My Jammies I of course

My Jammies

I of course wear jammies while blogging, but it depends on my mood which ones I wear.

I wear these when I feel naughty or at a blogger party:

Image Hosted by

And I wear these when I'm blogging about Dan Rather:

Image Hosted by'

(note what the shirt says!)

Yes, I do have both of these. The Bunny ones are my favorites.

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Southern Football ain't got nothin

Southern Football ain't got nothin on Michigan Football

I offer you proof that the Wolverines have the best fan devotion anywhere:

1 - 22 consecutive years of leading the nation in average home attendance
2 - The Vols expanded their stadium in 1996, that was the ONLY year Michigan lost it's title
3 - Michigan Stadium expansion in 1997 upped attendance to 111,000
4 - On September 12, the expanded Big House opened before 111,012 fans.
5 - More than 33 million fans have been part of football weekend in Ann Arbor.

When we do something we do it right!

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Sneak Peak - 2006 Chevy

Sneak Peak - 2006 Chevy Impala

Image Hosted by

Chevy Impala to get all-new look

Chevrolet is planning an extensive redesign of its popular Impala midsize sedan for model year 2006. The next Impala, however, will continue to ride on a version of the current platform, which should save parent General Motors Corp. plenty of time and money. The '06 Impala gets all-new sheet metal, with familiar Chevy family styling cues, as well as a completely revised cabin. GM insiders say it will continue to be one of the roomiest and most affordable family sedans on the market. Chevy, meanwhile is said to be considering a plan to switch the Impala at some point in the future -- probably after 2010 -- to a new rear-wheel-drive platform.

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Today in Automotive History 1897

Today in Automotive History

1897 Death Calls On The Automobilist

Nine-year-old Stephen Kempton died on this day, becoming the first recorded traffic fatality in Great Britain. Kempton had been trying to steal a ride from a taxi by hanging on to a spring, but lost his grip and was trapped underneath the wheel of the vehicle. The tragedy occurred on Stockmar Road near Hackney, a full two years before America's first traffic fatality.

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September 22, 2004

Update Still have a pulse,


Still have a pulse, half my a$$ has been chewed off but see light at end of tunnel. Hope to resurface tomorrow.

*crossing fingers that I don't have to fly to customer*

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Today in Automotive History 1893

Today in Automotive History

1893 America's First Automobile

America's first automobile was not built by a Henry Ford or Walter Chrysler, but by Charles and Frank Duryea, two bicycle makers. Charles spotted a gasoline engine at the 1886 Ohio State Fair and became convinced that an engine-driven carriage could be built. The two brothers designed and built the car together, working in a rented loft in Springfield, Massachusetts. After two years of tinkering, Charles and Frank Duryea showed off their home invention on the streets of Springfield, the first successful run of an automobile in the U.S.

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September 21, 2004

Busy Busy Day Bad Quality

Busy Busy Day

Bad Quality Day at work (still), lite to no postings but great posting fodder coming out of it.

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September 20, 2004

Show me your PJ's Over

Show me your PJ's

Over at my blog sister's Michele from Letters from NYC she's trying to dis-prove the theory that everyone blogs in their PJ's. So she's asking that everyone post what they wear when they blog.

Let's dispell the pajama myth now

Blogdad Harvey of Bad Example will do a round up post of what everyone wears while blogging.

Post a picture of yourself (or a professional model whose picture you copied off some web page - like I'd know the difference anyway) in your favorite blogging attire.

Entries due by 9pm CDT Thursday, September 23rd, and I'll post the round-up Thursday night.

Head on over to Harveys for more details, in the mean time I'll be looking through my wardrobe so I can show you what I wear while blogging.

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Dumbing Down of Commericals Looking

Dumbing Down of Commericals

Looking at commericals lately I don't know if it's the geek in me coming out or if the intelligence level of the commericals has gone south.

Just a couple of examples, the first is for PUR water. The commerical is talking about that one PUR water filter can filter upto 6 months worth of water. They then show a couple with a mini van full of water bottles, so full the male can't get into the van and has to cling to the luggage rack on top of the mini van. I mean really, does anybody really buy that much bottled water at one time. Would you really buy that much water that both people couldn't fit into the vehicle and if so would you really cling to the luggage rack?

The other one I saw was the Honda commerical, for a car but I can't remember which car. You see people driving down the rode hitting a pot hole full of water. The Honda come up to the pot hole and the guy gets out and puts his coat over the pot hole full of water and then drives over the coat/pot hole. This isn't a big pot hole, I wouldn't even say it's a medium pot hole. It's rather small (well small compared to Michigan standards) if you ask me. And is Honda advocating driving through pot holes instead of going around it?

I just don't get it or maybe I'm thinking through commericals to much. Is it really all that hard to ask that commericals make sense or be a little factual. I would think the average person is more intelligent than the level that commericals are at.

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Rough Day You want to

Rough Day

You want to know how bad my day is going, (see picture below), it's full of Chocolate Shake.

Image Hosted by

Yes it's that bad. Why? I come back to work today, gone just 1 day and my desk looks like this:

Image Hosted by

AND my boss is out of town, so I'm boss lady for a few days and we are having issue after issue today.

AND I'm still not over my Sinus Infection, so I'm bitchy and whiney and I have to deal with all these issues at work, try to find my desk top AND deal with "the new guy" in my office. (seperate post worthy)

Yes, I have gotten an office mate, a chatty office mate. One that talks to me before 10am about inane stuff.

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Today in Automotive History 1979

Today in Automotive History

1979 The Chrysler Comeback Kid

After being fired from the Ford presidency, Lee Iacocca was elected chairman of the failing Chrysler Corporation. Despite dire predictions from his critics, Iacocca succeeded in rebuilding Chrysler through layoffs, cutbacks, hard-selling advertising, and a government loan guarantee. He became the epitome of the "can-do" executive, famous for his strong work ethic and no-nonsense style. During Chrysler's crisis years, Iacocca reduced his salary to $1 per year to set an example for the rest of the company, explaining that everyone must be willing to sacrifice a little in order for Chrysler to survive. By 1983, Chrysler had moved from the verge of bankruptcy to a competitive force in the automobile market, paying back all of its government loans in less than four years. "We at Chrysler borrow money the old- fashioned way. We pay it back," said Iacocca. His autobiography Iacocca became a best-seller in 1984, breaking all records for a business book.

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September 17, 2004

Sick I'm home with a


I'm home with a Sinus Infection that feels like at any minute my head is going to explode and a alien is going to pop out. No posting today.

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September 16, 2004

Boobies! I was checking over


I was checking over my Referrals and wondering why the heck Harvey clicked over 38 times today. Ya he's my blogpop and such, but geez that is bordering on stalking.

Then it hit me, my booby picture is linked at Harveys Birthday Booby Fest.

Geez if I knew that I could get that many hits I may start posting a Booby shot every couple weeks!

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R.I.P 2004-2005 National Hockey League


2004-2005 National Hockey League Season

The 04-05 NHL season was just a twinkle in the Fans eyes, yet it was over before it even begun. Today the NHL training camps were to start, but last night the death blow was dealt to the season by the owners. The owners locked out the players because nobody will agree on a salary cap.

Some people I know say play will start in a month, some say not until 2006.

Excuse me while I go hang this rope up.

*sniffle, sniffle, waaaaaaaaaaaaa*

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Today in Automotive History 1908

Today in Automotive History

1908 Birth Of A Giant

William C. Durant founded the General Motors Corporation (GM) on this day, consolidating several motor car companies, including Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac, to form this Goliath of the automotive industry. GM's success was assured in 1912 when Cadillac introduced the electric self-starter, quickly making the hand crank obsolete and propelling sales. Throughout the next few years, the company continued to grow, buying out Chevrolet, Delco, the Fisher Body Company, and Frigidaire. In 1929, GM surpassed Ford to become the leading American passenger-car manufacturer, and by 1941, the company was the largest automotive manufacturer in the world. But the 1970s and 1980s brought darker times, and the company suffered under severe competition from imports. GM responded with attempts at modernization, but its efforts have yielded mixed results thus far; the company was forced to close a large number of plants in the U.S. during the early 1990s after several years of heavy losses.

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September 15, 2004

Famous Person I met Seems

Famous Person I met

Seems everyone now a days is bragging about the famous person(s) they have met.

Sally met Aled Jones, Tammi met Oprah in curlers and Bou met Gary Carter. I was thinking geez I don't think I've ever met anyone famous, but then I remembered. Yes, I think my famous person meeting tops everyone elses, even Oprah.

I met Bozo! Yep Bozo the Clown.

My sister got selected to be a participant on the show and I got to go and sit backstage (I was too young to sit in the audience on stage) and watch the whole thing. I not only met Bozo, but I got a hug from him also. Sis won a whole bunch of prizes, including a talking Bozo (pull string).

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Today in Automotive History 1909

Today in Automotive History

1909 The Imaginary Patent

George Selden is rarely mentioned in accounts of automobile history, often lost among names like Ford, Daimler, and Cugnot. However, Selden reigned as the "Father of the Automobile" for almost 20 years, his name engraved on every car from 1895 until 1911. He held the patent on the "Road Engine," which was effectively a patent on the automobile - a claim that went unchallenged for years, despite the many other inventors who had contributed to the development of the automobile and the internal combustion engine. Almost all of the early car manufacturers, unwilling to face the threat of a lawsuit, were forced to buy licenses from Selden, so almost every car on the road sported a small brass plaque reading "Manufactured under Selden Patent." Henry Ford was the only manufacturer willing to challenge Selden in court, and on this day a New York judge ruled that Ford had indeed infringed on Selden's patent. This decision was later overturned when it became plain that Selden had never intended to actually manufacture his "road engine." Selden's own "road engine" prototype, built in the hope of strengthening his case, only managed to stagger along for a few hours before breaking down.

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September 14, 2004

Pimping for Daddy Seems Blogdad

Pimping for Daddy

Seems Blogdad Harvey just can't keep the blogkids to stick around the house anymore. The Bad Example family lost a family member to blogitis, so Blogdad is looking for someone to adopt. Someone to replace the lost child, someone else he can corrupt.

So if you ever wanted to be a member of the Bad Example family, Harvey is taking applications. Just head on over to Bad Example and in 200 words or less tell him why you want some of his loving. Mind you this job also comes lovely Blogsisters and Blogbrothers. Were also an insestious family so interfamily loving is not only allowed but encouraged. For example, my blogsister is also my blogmom.

Harvey askes that you: leave a link in the comments, send a trackback, or e-mail the link to by 8am Saturday, September 18th.

So go get some loving today.

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I hope you enjoy your presents

Image Hosted by

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Today in Automotive History 1960

Today in Automotive History

1960 Creation Of OPEC

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries was founded on this day at the Baghdad Conference of 1960, established by five core members: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. Originally made up of just these five, OPEC began as an attempt to organize and unify petroleum policies, securing stable prices for the petroleum producers. The organization grew considerably after its creation, adding eight other members and developing into one of the most influential groups in the world. The first real indication of OPEC's power came with the 1973 oil embargo, during which long lines and soaring gasoline prices quickly convinced Americans of the reach of OPEC's influence. OPEC's member countries currently supply more than 40 percent of the world's oil.

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September 13, 2004

Sneak Peek - 2006 Ford

Sneak Peek - 2006 Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan/Lincoln Zephyr

Ford Fusion
Image Hosted by

Lincoln Zephyr
Image Hosted by

Ford Fusion to share Mazda chassis

One of Ford Motor Co.'s new mid-size triplets, the all-new 2006 Fusion sedan will be joined by the Mercury Milan and the Lincoln Zephyr. While all three four-doors share a common chassis that is derived from the Mazda6 (Mazda Motor Corp. is Ford's Japanese affiliate) each will feature unique sheet metal and a distinctive cabin. Suppliers say the front-wheel-drive Fusion and Milan will be powered by a twin-cam 3.0-liter V-6 engine mated to a five-speed automatic transmission. The Zephyr will be offered in an all-wheel-drive edition. Scheduled to go on sale in fall 2005, the Fusion and the Milan will be publicly unveiled in January at the Detroit auto show. The Zephyr made its formal debut earlier this year at the New York show.

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No Surprise Here Where do

No Surprise Here

Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

brought to you by Quizilla

Hattip to Pratical Penumbra

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I've been Maligned TWICE By

I've been Maligned


By my BlogMom no less

Heartless women puts down my two favorite college football teams in one post. Just stab me in the heart why don't you.


First she rips on the University of Michigan Wolverines losing to that team in Indiana. HA we let them win, we graciously let them have at least one win this year.

I bleed Maize and Blue. I live 20 minutes from the Stadium. I go to games all the time, even use to have season tickets.

And then she rips on my Alma mater, Eastern Michigan losing to the Florida Gators.

Come on Blogmom, EMU is a MAC 10 team, it would be like EMU playing a High School team and claiming victory.

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Today in Automotive History 1899

Today in Automotive History

1899 Danger On The Roads

The first recorded fatality from an automobile accident occurred on this day, after an oncoming vehicle fatally struck Henry Bliss on the streets of New York. Bliss, a 68-year-old real estate broker, was debarking from a southbound streetcar at the corner of Central Park West and 74th Street when driver Arthur Smith ran him over. Smith was arrested and held on $1,000 bail while Henry Bliss was taken to Roosevelt hospital, where he died.

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September 10, 2004

FIFO Since this is a


Since this is a Quality website (hence the Quality Weenie name) I thought a Quality lesson or two would be a good idea.

I will start with something simple and actually something that most people do at home and at work and you probably don't even realize your using a Quality Tool.

FIFO - No I'm not talking about a dog. I'm talking about First In First Out.

First In First Out means just that. The first thing you put in something should be the first thing taken out and used. To use an everyday example, Milk at the Grocery store.

When you walk up to the refridgerators at the store and pull open the door the milk is all lined up with the soonest expiration date at the front and the later expiration dated Milk at the back of the shelf. This is so people will grab the stuff that is going to expire soon. When the milk that is going to expire soon is gone they push up the stuff at the back and add new milk that will expire after the milk before it. This way they don't have a lot of spoiled milk sitting around.

You can do this at home also. When bringing home your groceries push everything to the front of the pantry and anything new you buy of items that you already have put behind the ones you already have. This way those Keebler Chocolate Chip Lovers cookies you have are rotated and you will always have fresh cookies. And this will stop you from forgetting that package of boxed stuffing mix you have at the back of the pantry.

I also do this with my dinnerware and glasses and such. This way everything gets used an equal amount.

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Changing the Presidential Requirements Harvey

Changing the Presidential Requirements

Harvey started a discussion about changing the citizens requirements for running for President. I mentioned that I saw that such a bill was already in Congress and I would look it up.

Well here it is -

Senate S.J.Res 15

A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to make eligible for the Office of President a person who has been a United States citizen for 20 years.

House H.J.Res 59

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to permit persons who are not natural-born citizens of the United States, but who have been citizens of the United States for at least 35 years, to be eligible to hold the offices of President and Vice President.

and H.J.Res 67

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to permit persons who are not natural-born citizens of the United States, but who have been citizens of the United States for at least 20 years, to be eligible to hold the Office of President.

I'm not really sure how I feel about this. On one hand I do think Arnold would make a great President and even Michigans Governor, Jennifer Granhom a Canadian, would make a great President or even Vice-President (shes a Democrat, but a close to the middle Democrat). On the other hand you do have to think that if Al-Quada can wait years or even a decade to hatch a plot, that would be more than willing to put up a guy who can deceive us and eventually get into the White House.

Yes I know there are a lot of checks and balances in place and I don't think Islamic Fundamentalists could ever take over the U.S. but then again on September 10th who would have thought what happened the next day would ever really happen?

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End of the World on

End of the World on Wednesday?

Life as we know it could end on Wednesday.

Wenesday, September 15th is the day the NHL contract expires. With the latest proposal on the table from the NHLPA and the NHL owners rejecting it everyone says a lockout is inevitable.

The players will not accept a salary cap, and owners say they won't sign unless there is a salary cap.

Everyone I have talked to is not optimistic about a season this year, at all. Nope no Hockey the entire year, some say it could last into next years season.

It's not just the NHL players and owners that will lose. The bar owners will be the big losers in a lockout. Metro Detroit bars and business are estimated to lose between $52-$75 million dollars, because fans will not be going to Detroit to watch the games, spending money in bars and hotels.

The biggest losers are the fans. You might not know this but Detroit has a pretty good hockey team (coughthebestcough) and we take our hockey very seriously here. The thought of not being able to watch hockey for even a couple weeks has a lot of people here conteplating suicide. The NHL should take a look at what happened to Baseball after their last strike. I know people who still refuse to watch baseball because of it and a lot of hockey fans say they will feel bitter for a long time if the strike happens, I know I will. You see, I'm a huge hockey fan. I was a fan before it was popular to be a hockey fan. My office walls are decorated with pictures, newspaper clippings and posters of my Red Wings.

I think the players and owners really need to take a look at who really pays their paychecks and fills their arenas and sit down and don't leave the table until this is settled.

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Twins Know how they say


Know how they say that everyone has a twin someone where in the world.

Well I have Glenn Reynolds twin in my class.

This guy looks exactly like the Puppy blender himself, glasses and all.

When Twin Glenn made a comment on something the proffesor said and started out with "Indeed" I nearly wet my pants trying not to laugh.

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Thursday at Work So I'm

Thursday at Work

So I'm sitting at my desk (my office is in the plant) talking to hubby. All of a sudden I hear an alarm going off (not unusual at a plant) and it kept going and kept going. So I'm thinking that's not normal and look out into the plant and tell my hubby "Um, the plant is on fire I will have to call you back"

Go out of my office and the plant is filled with smoke, the alarm is the fire alarm and everyone is leaving, so out I go.

We mix our own mateials here and at one point during the mixing the stuff gets so hot that it can create a flash fire. That happened yesterday. This time they caught it in time and got the bin outside. Didn't get the dock doors closed quite enough and all the smoke was getting blown into the plant.

The smoke was so bad the plant next to us had to close their dock doors.

The firemen came and made sure the fire was out and let us go back in.

This isn't the first fire this company has had. Last year the same thing happened but they couldn't get the bin out in time, the sprinklers were set off.

Talk about excitement!

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Today in Automotive History 1897

Today in Automotive History

1897 First DWI

Even without Breathalyzers and line tests, George Smith's swerving was enough to alarm British police and make him the first person arrested for drunken driving. Unfortunately, Smith's arrest did nothing to discourage the many other drunk drivers who have taken to the road since. Although drunk driving is illegal in most countries, punished by heavy fines and mandatory jail sentences, it continues to be one of the leading causes of automobile accidents throughout the world. Alcohol-related automobile accidents are responsible for approximately one-third of the traffic fatalities in the United States - 16,000 deaths each year, and also account for over half a million injuries and $1 billion of property damage annually.

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September 09, 2004

Doggie Hiemlick Quick, go here,

Doggie Hiemlick

Quick, go here, 3rd picture down. Look out the window.

*snicker, snicker*

hattip to Hog on Ice

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Junior and Senior Years In

Junior and Senior Years

In our Junior Year the cute boys were doing the apartment thing and a lot of the people from our floor during Sophomore year were also doing the apartment thing we had to amuse ourselves in the dorms during the week (weekends were still party nights with the cute guys). So we decided to go through Sorority Rush. This is where you visit each sorority on campus through a series of meetings over a weeks time. At the end of the week the sororities will pick who they liked and ask them to rush their sorority. We didn't really care for any of them, but there was one that was kind of the outcast sorority that drew our attention. So we all decided to Rush Sigma Nu Phi sorority. It's a local sororoity on EMU's campus, so bascially we could do what we wanted and nobody (ie National) told us what we could and couldn't do. There were 16 of us in the pledge class and we turned that sorority upside down and inside out. It became known as the female animal house not only on EMU's campus, but at our neighboring Big 10 school down the rode from us also (University of Michigan is only 10 minutes down the rode).

Besides partying with the Cute guys, the Sorority took up a lot of my time during Junior Year. Junior year we did discover happy hour and finding out if you tip the waitress enough she won't card you. One of the girlfriends and I were hungrey and everyone else had late classes on Thursdays so we stopped to get a pizza at the bar, tested the waters and ordered a picture of beer. We got the beer, ordered more and were quite drunk by the time we made it back to the dorm. We came stumbling in and everyone was pissed, not because we were drunk but because 1) they didn't think of it 2) they weren't drunk either.

Senior Year (#1) was great because we were all 21! Which ment we finally got to go to 21 and over night at the bar. Which ment $1.50 pictures of Busch beer. Senior year I and a couple of other girlfriends were still in the dorms but everyone else went to apartments, so apartment parties were the big thing that year. Went to quite a few where the cops busted up the parties and one where they actually checked ID's. Senior Year #1 was when the cute guys all graduated too, that was sad because we wouldn't be able to see them much after they graduated.

Senior Year #2 was a bad year for me because I couldn't get Student Loans anymore and was forced to move back home, that was quite painful. But at least I still had friends living in apartments so I had a place to stay Thursday-Sunday night, for bar hopping of course. Senior Year #2 saw a lot of our friends graduate and some marry and move out of state. Our little circle of friends dwindled down to about 4 girls, but that didn't stop us.

Senior Year #3 (remember, we failed a semester back in Sophomore year and didn't do too good in another semester, plus a change in my major put me back a year).We still had one girl living in an apartment so we had a place to crash on bar nights. The thing I remember most about Senior Year #3 (well besides finally graduating) was St Patricks Day that year. Yes we partied on St Patricks Day every year but this year we went to a Pre-St Patricks Day party the night before. Didn't get in until 4am and the bars opened at 7am on St Patricks Day so we just stayed up, partied all Day St Patricks Day and got home about 4am again. Were to wound up to go to sleep so we just stayed up. We were up a total of 48 hours that weekend, the longest I've ever stayed awake.

I look back on College and all the memories and friends I have from there and don't regret one minute of it. I loved it.

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Today in Automotive History 1966

Today in Automotive History

1966 No Longer Unsafe At Any Speed?

In response to the national uproar over automobile safety prompted by Ralph Nader's book Unsafe at Any Speed, the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act was signed into law on this day. Nader's book targeted the American automobile industry's neglect of safety issues, using General Motors' dangerous Corvair model as a focus for his criticism. Congress responded to the nation's concern by passing a new bill, which established federal safety standards with strict penalties for violations. At the signing of the bill, President Johnson assured Nader and a crowd of several hundred that safety was "no luxury item, no optional extra."

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September 08, 2004

I Feel Special Look what

I Feel Special

Look what I got from Sgt Hooks' Hillclimbers

Image Hosted by

All I did was get some of these and I got the picture in the mail yesterday. I feel so special because I really didn't do anything.

You should go check out the Hook-a-thon, being put on so the Hillclimbers can have one hell of a welcome home party. Maybe you will get a picture too!

Hmmmm, I wonder which one is Sgt Hook?

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Today in Automotive History 1986

Today in Automotive History

1986 A World Wide Marketplace

Continuing its enormous expansion of the 1970s and early '80s, the Nissan Motor Company Ltd. opened its Sunderland, England, plant, the first Japanese automobile factory in Europe. Established in 1933 as the Jidosha Seizo Company, Nissan remained a mid-size automobile manufacturer until it entered the world market in the 1960s, when its sales grew by leaps and bounds. Nissan, as well as several other Japanese manufacturers, continued to grow through the next decade, propelled by the increasing popularity of their fuel-efficient cars. Nissan eventually opened plants in Australia, Peru, Mexico, the United States, and Germany.

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September 07, 2004

WooHoo, my first porn search

WooHoo, my first porn search referral!

I finally got my first porn search referral!

Thank-you to the person who searched on pregnent nudes, you will go down in Quality Weenie history as being my first porn referral.

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Boycott Delta Airlines I found

Boycott Delta Airlines

I found this at Michele Malkins blog, who had found it at Marine Corp Moms blog.

It is a letter to the editor of the Benton Courier, a newspaper in Arkansas. Here's just a portion:

This letter is also to the well-dressed, middle-aged woman who boarded the plane late, who through some administrative error had been assigned the same seat as the soldier. Your behavior made it obvious to me and those around me that you had no intention of handling the situation in a mature way. You approached the flight attendant and demanded "your seat." As the flight attendant worked with the gate crew to try and resolve the issue, the soldier was asked to leave the plane. Shortly thereafter, you returned. When I inquired as to whether you were aware that the individual who had previously been in "your seat" was a soldier traveling home from Iraq on leave to see her family, your verbatim response was, "So what Š I'm a victim from Chicago! What's the difference?" All within earshot were dumbfounded. It was apparent that you have no appreciation for your fellow Americans who leave home and family and risk their lives wearing the uniform of the United States military.

I will never be flying Delta Airlines again. Never. Ever. Period.

Contact information for Delta Airlines who's says:

We intend to ensure that your air travel experience will encompass, to the best of our abilities, the most comprehensive customer service possible

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Sneak Peek - 2006 Ford

Sneak Peek - 2006 Ford Explorer

Image Hosted by

Ford Motor Co. is freshening the appearance of the Explorer sport utility vehicle and its companion, the Mercury Mountaineer, for model year 2006. The Explorer gets a restyled front end, including new hood, grille, headlamps and bumpers, plus revised taillamps. Inside, the '06 Explorer gets a redesigned instrument panel, with all-new gauges and controls, as well as updated seats, steering wheel and door trim. Under the hood, Ford plans to update the Explorer's engine family and reportedly will offer an optional six-speed automatic transmission for the first time.

The black covers are on the Explorer because they don't want anyone to really see what the new changes are. This would tell us there is substantial changes to the Front and Rear ends of the car. They will cover all the areas that are new and it's not surprising to see cars that are totally covered. Very common to see these driving down the road in SE Michigan. If your in the areas of the HQ for the any car company you will see a lot of these.

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Today in Automotive History 1998

Today in Automotive History

1998 Last Day For Roadside America

This day marks the end of the summer season for Roadside America, one of the highway's shrines to roadside culture. The American landscape is dotted with these marvels - giant ketchup bottles, toaster museums, and beer gardens. However, Roadside America is among the most impressive of these projects. Laurence Gieringer spent almost 50 years assembling this miniature replica of the growth of rural America. Model trains race across tiny tracks, mechanical figures turn and wave, and a recording of Kate Smith singing "God Bless America" fills the air every evening at sunset. The entire structure, located in Shartlesville, Pennsylvania, off of U.S. 22, covers 8,800 square feet and is housed in its own roadside structure.

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September 03, 2004

"The Dead bodies have been

"The Dead bodies have been removed"

That's the message I just got from my hubby.

That was in response to the note I left him this morning.

Hon -
2 Dead Bugs in the bathroom, please remove the bodies for me.

It's his duty (says so in his job responsibilites) to kill bugs, only under specific circumstances do I kill bugs (ie he's not there) but I do not remove the bodies. I leave them for him when he gets home or wakes up.

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Kerry's midnight almost Dean meltdown

Kerry's midnight almost Dean meltdown

Well I think Kerry has finally jumped the shark with his near meltdown last night after Bush's speech. I didn't get to see it but have read a partial transcript at CNN via The Command Post.

I also found some good analysis of the meltdown over at Dog Snot diaries

Did anyone watch Kerry's counter attack last night? His confidence isn't just shaken, it's gone. He's not the front runner anymore, leading this election, he's the walk on role, struggling to get noticed. Desperation.
"And now that the President is Finally finished his speech, I have 5 words for America, 'This is your wake up call.'"
Isn't that 6 words? What does it mean? It's plain he just doesn't know what to do. He's flailing.
His whole speech did him more harm than good. Sure, it fired up his base, but they don't need firing up. This election will be won by the candidate's ability to convince the undecideds. Last night he just looked like a cornered raving lunatic. There were several key indicators of his desperation that couldn't go un-noticed.

Wizbang was live-blogging it

They are blowing it. Both Senators are viscerally angry. That might fire the base but it looks anything but Presidential.

Now Kerry is taking off after Bush and Cheney BIG TIME. "5 deferments vs 2 tours of Duty" (4 months is 2 tours of duty? -ed)

Now he's reciting the "Bush Lied, People Died" mantra.

HOLY CRAP: He just went Michael Moore.. Accusing Bush (or I guess Cheney) of being on the Haliburton payroll!

Just accused Bush of letting Saudi Royal family controlling oil prices.

Now he says 'vote for me because Obama gave a good speech.'

He's just one aaaaarghhh away from being Howard Dean.

It really sounds like Kerry is one botox injection away from total brain freeze. The Democrat's have to see what is going on and they better step up soon and bitch slap him before he really does a Dean on them.

Also found over at Dog Snot Diaries a link about how the Navy is now stepping in and challenging the validity of Kerry's metals.

A Navy spokesman is calling Kerry's Silver Star citation with Combat V "incorrect" as it appears on his campaign Web site, explaining in an interview with Chicago Sun-Times reporter Thomas Lipscomb that the Navy has never issued a Combat V at any time for the Silver Star.

How is Kerry going to explain this one since he is always saying the Navy has the final authority on his war record.

Kerry's campaign has repeatedly cited the Navy as the ultimate authority on the candidate's war record, saying the Navy wouldn't have awarded him medals he didn't deserve.

But with the Navy now publicly challenging Kerry's decorations, that defense has been rendered inoperative.

Up until now Kerry hasn't had to much negative comments against his record from the Bush Champaign, they just started with some simple stuff and Kerry is almost over the edge. The next couple weeks when the champaign really kicks into gear should be interesting to see how long it will take Kerry to do a total meltdown.

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Sneak Peek - BMW 2006

Sneak Peek - BMW 2006

Image Hosted by

BMW is testing late-stage prototypes of the next-generation 3 Series sedan and wagon, and the styling appears to be nearly as controversial as the designs of the larger 6 Series and 7 Series ranges. Scheduled to be publicly unveiled in early 2005, the next 3 Series sedan goes on sale in Europe at mid-year and in North America next fall as a 2006 model. BMW scrapped an earlier plan to use the 3 Series designation only on the four-door models, while shifting to a 2 Series designation for two-doors. Now all variants will be grouped under the 3 Series umbrella. Eventually the new sedan and wagon will be joined by a redesigned 3 Series coupe and convertible, as well as high-performance M3 models. Four-wheel drive will be optional on selected models.

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Today in Automotive History 1875

Today in Automotive History

1875 Porsche Born

Ferdinand Porsche, engineer and patriarch of Porsche cars, was born on this day in Maffersdorf, Austria. He began his career at the Daimler Company, rising to general director, but he eventually left in 1931 to design his own sports and racing cars. Perhaps his most famous project was Hitler's "car for the people," the Volkswagen. Together with his son, Porsche was responsible for the initial Volkswagen plans, but his involvement with Hitler was to cost him dearly. He was arrested by the French after World War II and held for several years before finally being released.

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September 02, 2004

God Bless that Democrat Yes

God Bless that Democrat

Yes that Democrat, Zell Miller, the man that makes the Republican's wish there were more Democrats like him.

The Democrat that is to the Democratic Party what George Bush is to the Republican Party.

So all you protestors, liberal media and left-wing asshats, go f*ck yourself because this is what Zell Miller, a Democrat has to say to you

Never in the history of the world has any soldier sacrificed more for the freedom and liberty of total strangers than the American soldier. And, our soldiers don't just give freedom abroad, they preserve it for us here at home.

For it has been said so truthfully that it is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the agitator, who has given us the freedom to protest.

It is the soldier who salutes the flag, serves beneath the flag, whose coffin is draped by the flag, who gives that protester the freedom to abuse and burn that flag.

Think about that the next time you protest, think about who exactly is giving you the freedom and right to protest.

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Weather Channel Observations Have you

Weather Channel Observations

Have you noticed how:

Hot Jim Cantore is!!

All the women weatherpeople are pregnent, all the time? It's like they don't hire women to do the weather unless their pregnent.

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Today in Automotive History 1959

Today in Automotive History

1959 The Mustang's Little Cousin

The Ford Motor Company introduced its new marque, the Ford Falcon, in the first nationwide closed-circuit television news conference. Originally envisioned as a compact economy car, the Falcon name grew to include everything from sporty convertibles to the Ranchero truck, though all Falcons essentially remained small, fuel-efficient cars. When the Mustang was introduced in 1964, Ford used the Falcon's unitized chassis, as well as elements of the Falcon drive train, to "re-market" and "re-adapt" the Mustang. The Mustang was an immediate success, leaving the Falcon to exist in the shadow of its more powerful cousin. The Ford Falcon was eventually discontinued in 1971, but the success of the Volkswagen and other compacts just a few years later proved how forward-thinking the original Falcon designers were.

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September 01, 2004

The Blog Gods are Angry

The Blog Gods are Angry

It seems Tammi over at Road Warrior Survival has pissed the Blog Gods off she is unable to post to her blog.

So she's trying to get the word out that she's back at her old blogspot site, Road Warrior Survival., for now until the Blog Gods are appeased. I'm thinking if she left some beer and a virgin or to outside her door maybe that will do it.

So if you've been wondering where she's been that's where and head on over there now.

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Grocery Shopping You know how

Grocery Shopping

You know how they say never go Grocery Shopping while your hungrey? Well I have to add an admendment to that saying.

"Never go Grocery Shopping while your hungrey AND PMSing"

I went Grocery Shopping after work yesterday so I was hungrey because it was dinner time and I was PMSing some what terribly. This is what I came home with in addition to the real food:

King dong's
Oreo Chocolate Cream filled
Keeblers Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Chip Cookies
Fig Newton's
Potato Chips
Chip Dip
Sweet and Buttery Orvilles Popcorn

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Today in Automotive History 1989

Today in Automotive History

1989 Air Bags Required

The federal government passed new car safety legislation on this day, requiring all newly manufactured cars to install an air bag on the driver's side. While air bags have proven to be life-saving devices in most cases, concern over the safety of the air bags themselves arose during the 1990s. Several instances in which small children were seriously injured or killed by an air bag caused a public clamor for further investigation of the devices, which can explode out of the dashboard at up to 200mph. Air bags are still installed in all newly manufactured models.

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