September 10, 2004

FIFO Since this is a


Since this is a Quality website (hence the Quality Weenie name) I thought a Quality lesson or two would be a good idea.

I will start with something simple and actually something that most people do at home and at work and you probably don't even realize your using a Quality Tool.

FIFO - No I'm not talking about a dog. I'm talking about First In First Out.

First In First Out means just that. The first thing you put in something should be the first thing taken out and used. To use an everyday example, Milk at the Grocery store.

When you walk up to the refridgerators at the store and pull open the door the milk is all lined up with the soonest expiration date at the front and the later expiration dated Milk at the back of the shelf. This is so people will grab the stuff that is going to expire soon. When the milk that is going to expire soon is gone they push up the stuff at the back and add new milk that will expire after the milk before it. This way they don't have a lot of spoiled milk sitting around.

You can do this at home also. When bringing home your groceries push everything to the front of the pantry and anything new you buy of items that you already have put behind the ones you already have. This way those Keebler Chocolate Chip Lovers cookies you have are rotated and you will always have fresh cookies. And this will stop you from forgetting that package of boxed stuffing mix you have at the back of the pantry.

I also do this with my dinnerware and glasses and such. This way everything gets used an equal amount.

Posted by Quality Weenie at September 10, 2004 10:07 AM