September 27, 2004

My New Office Mate I

My New Office Mate

I mentioned back in this post about getting a new Office mate, a rather chatty office mate.

First impressions are everything and usually my first impression are dead on, it's rare that I am wrong about the vibes I get from somebody. And this chatty office mate was giving off wierd vibes, vibes that I couldn't get a grasp of what they ment. There was just something I didn't like about them and it was bugging the hell out of me. So I watched them for a couple days and the feeling just got more intense. I soon realized that they were a "I'm going to change this company and make a name for myself" type of person. If there is one thing the people in this company hate it's that kind of a person. They also, to me that is, don't really want to do the job they were hired for but instead want to do my job. They are butting into my reponsibilites, trying to do them before I have a chance. But that still wasn't it, but on Friday I finally figured it out.

I come in real early on Friday's to have Quality meetings with all 3 shifts, so I'm in at 6:30am. My chatty office mate starts at 7am but was in at 6:30am. With my meetings I am in and out of the office all morning. And I started to notice everytime I went in the office they would leave and when I left they would come back in. So I purposely started going in and out and the trend continued. Then I thought back and realized that this person in the past 2 weeks would never be in the office when I was in there. I coupled that with a couple things that happened during the week when I asked for some stuff to be done and information relayed back to me so I could give it to another person and discuss it with them. They would go directly to that other person and discuss it with them (goes back to the doing my job instead of their own).

It then hit me, because I have seen this happen before. This person can not (will not, doesn't want to) work with women that are in a technical position. I really have a problem working with people who have a problem with this. I didn't get this job by anything but my skill, experience and schooling. Nothing more.

I have already proven my worth to this company and I don't feel I have to prove my worth to this one person. If anything they need to prove their worth to the company and to me. There the new one, not me. But they really don't act like they need to prove their worth to anybody. Well this should be interesting.

On a side note they stuck another newbie in my office with me. At least this one is nice and not on a power trip.

Posted by Quality Weenie at September 27, 2004 02:49 PM