September 20, 2004

Show me your PJ's Over

Show me your PJ's

Over at my blog sister's Michele from Letters from NYC she's trying to dis-prove the theory that everyone blogs in their PJ's. So she's asking that everyone post what they wear when they blog.

Let's dispell the pajama myth now

Blogdad Harvey of Bad Example will do a round up post of what everyone wears while blogging.

Post a picture of yourself (or a professional model whose picture you copied off some web page - like I'd know the difference anyway) in your favorite blogging attire.

Entries due by 9pm CDT Thursday, September 23rd, and I'll post the round-up Thursday night.

Head on over to Harveys for more details, in the mean time I'll be looking through my wardrobe so I can show you what I wear while blogging.

Posted by Quality Weenie at September 20, 2004 07:52 PM