September 20, 2004

Dumbing Down of Commericals Looking

Dumbing Down of Commericals

Looking at commericals lately I don't know if it's the geek in me coming out or if the intelligence level of the commericals has gone south.

Just a couple of examples, the first is for PUR water. The commerical is talking about that one PUR water filter can filter upto 6 months worth of water. They then show a couple with a mini van full of water bottles, so full the male can't get into the van and has to cling to the luggage rack on top of the mini van. I mean really, does anybody really buy that much bottled water at one time. Would you really buy that much water that both people couldn't fit into the vehicle and if so would you really cling to the luggage rack?

The other one I saw was the Honda commerical, for a car but I can't remember which car. You see people driving down the rode hitting a pot hole full of water. The Honda come up to the pot hole and the guy gets out and puts his coat over the pot hole full of water and then drives over the coat/pot hole. This isn't a big pot hole, I wouldn't even say it's a medium pot hole. It's rather small (well small compared to Michigan standards) if you ask me. And is Honda advocating driving through pot holes instead of going around it?

I just don't get it or maybe I'm thinking through commericals to much. Is it really all that hard to ask that commericals make sense or be a little factual. I would think the average person is more intelligent than the level that commericals are at.

Posted by Quality Weenie at September 20, 2004 07:41 PM