September 09, 2004

Junior and Senior Years In

Junior and Senior Years

In our Junior Year the cute boys were doing the apartment thing and a lot of the people from our floor during Sophomore year were also doing the apartment thing we had to amuse ourselves in the dorms during the week (weekends were still party nights with the cute guys). So we decided to go through Sorority Rush. This is where you visit each sorority on campus through a series of meetings over a weeks time. At the end of the week the sororities will pick who they liked and ask them to rush their sorority. We didn't really care for any of them, but there was one that was kind of the outcast sorority that drew our attention. So we all decided to Rush Sigma Nu Phi sorority. It's a local sororoity on EMU's campus, so bascially we could do what we wanted and nobody (ie National) told us what we could and couldn't do. There were 16 of us in the pledge class and we turned that sorority upside down and inside out. It became known as the female animal house not only on EMU's campus, but at our neighboring Big 10 school down the rode from us also (University of Michigan is only 10 minutes down the rode).

Besides partying with the Cute guys, the Sorority took up a lot of my time during Junior Year. Junior year we did discover happy hour and finding out if you tip the waitress enough she won't card you. One of the girlfriends and I were hungrey and everyone else had late classes on Thursdays so we stopped to get a pizza at the bar, tested the waters and ordered a picture of beer. We got the beer, ordered more and were quite drunk by the time we made it back to the dorm. We came stumbling in and everyone was pissed, not because we were drunk but because 1) they didn't think of it 2) they weren't drunk either.

Senior Year (#1) was great because we were all 21! Which ment we finally got to go to 21 and over night at the bar. Which ment $1.50 pictures of Busch beer. Senior year I and a couple of other girlfriends were still in the dorms but everyone else went to apartments, so apartment parties were the big thing that year. Went to quite a few where the cops busted up the parties and one where they actually checked ID's. Senior Year #1 was when the cute guys all graduated too, that was sad because we wouldn't be able to see them much after they graduated.

Senior Year #2 was a bad year for me because I couldn't get Student Loans anymore and was forced to move back home, that was quite painful. But at least I still had friends living in apartments so I had a place to stay Thursday-Sunday night, for bar hopping of course. Senior Year #2 saw a lot of our friends graduate and some marry and move out of state. Our little circle of friends dwindled down to about 4 girls, but that didn't stop us.

Senior Year #3 (remember, we failed a semester back in Sophomore year and didn't do too good in another semester, plus a change in my major put me back a year).We still had one girl living in an apartment so we had a place to crash on bar nights. The thing I remember most about Senior Year #3 (well besides finally graduating) was St Patricks Day that year. Yes we partied on St Patricks Day every year but this year we went to a Pre-St Patricks Day party the night before. Didn't get in until 4am and the bars opened at 7am on St Patricks Day so we just stayed up, partied all Day St Patricks Day and got home about 4am again. Were to wound up to go to sleep so we just stayed up. We were up a total of 48 hours that weekend, the longest I've ever stayed awake.

I look back on College and all the memories and friends I have from there and don't regret one minute of it. I loved it.

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