September 13, 2004

I've been Maligned TWICE By

I've been Maligned


By my BlogMom no less

Heartless women puts down my two favorite college football teams in one post. Just stab me in the heart why don't you.


First she rips on the University of Michigan Wolverines losing to that team in Indiana. HA we let them win, we graciously let them have at least one win this year.

I bleed Maize and Blue. I live 20 minutes from the Stadium. I go to games all the time, even use to have season tickets.

And then she rips on my Alma mater, Eastern Michigan losing to the Florida Gators.

Come on Blogmom, EMU is a MAC 10 team, it would be like EMU playing a High School team and claiming victory.

Posted by Quality Weenie at September 13, 2004 10:10 AM