April 04, 2010


Maggie is having some serious stomach problems.

2/11 - Dental, found Maggie's fracture tooth got worse
3/5 - Maggie to vet for intermidant throwing up, mostly 1- 1 1/2 hours before meals. Blood work normal. Given Cerenia, Metoclopramide & Metronidazole & Pepcid
Maggie was doing pretty good (from what I can remember, maybe an occasional throw-up but nothing regular)
3/17 - Hurt to eat, to vet for tooth got metacam
3/22 - More throwing up and much streching for stomach. Fecal normal, more M & M for longer period of time. Pancreatitis given consideration
3/26 - Screaming for painful tooth, tramadol given
3/28 - Refusing all pills, when made to swallow would throw them back upp.
3/30 - Extraction of tooth. Was abscessed with some bone loss starting. Given Clavamox, stop Metronidazole, keep using metoclopramide & pepcid. Ate small meal that night.
4/1 - Maggie to vet, refusing to eat. Had 1 1/2 club crackers since tuesday night meal. Since wouldn't take pills they gave her an injectable antibiotic
4/2 - Morning to vet for throwing up, gave cerenia injection
4/2 - Evening, coughing. Given steroids for allergies because still refusing pills so allergies are out of control.
4/3 - Morning to vet for fluids under skin
4/3 - E-vet 9pm. Hasn't eaten (except those crackers) since tuesday evening. nauseas, stomach pain (screching from pain), no energy. No fever. They assume pancreatitis, start IV fluids and stomach meds. X-ray shows fuzziness that is common with pancreatitis. Blood work for pancreatitis shows negative, blood work normal all organs on x-rays looking normal.

Called this morning, she is perking up and hydrating, no pain (on pain meds) going to try feeding at noon.
Refused food at noon, they say if still refusing food by 4pm they will seringe feed.

Called back with questions (and this is where I get freaking pissed)

Vet I spoke with says they are not assuming pancreatitis, it could be several other things also (IBD, Addisons, acid reflux) and they starts talking about ultrasounds and exploratory surgery. WTF? Nobody bothered to call me with this new information or options that need to be put into place today for tomorrow.

All they are really doing at this point is stomach meds, IV fluids and pain meds. No attempts at a true diagnoses, they say we need to talk to a internist.

They are trying to get a ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow.

Any and all opinions wanted.
Next steps
Things I should consider or should be doing?

We do have Michigan State Vet Hosptial 1 1/2 hours away.

Posted by Quality Weenie at April 4, 2010 01:42 PM

Personally, I would be calling MS Vet Hospital. Never hurts to have a second opinion.

Posted by: vw bug at April 5, 2010 04:47 AM