March 23, 2010

Toyota Cheaping Out Repairs

I thought that Toyotas recall fix was to replace the gas pedel, from my understanding in what I read that is what I assumed.

Come to find out that they are not replacing the gas pedel, only inserting a small piece of metal into the gas pedel.

Seems some customers are pretty pissed about the cheaped out fix.

The Japanese automaker said in a memo obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press that if a customer is unhappy with the feel of the accelerator after the car is repaired, dealers can provide a replacement pedal at no charge. Dealers have been inserting a piece of metal into the gas pedal mechanism to eliminate friction that was causing the pedal problem on more than 4 million vehicles involved in a January recall.

If you ask me, inserting a small piece of metal into something usually doesn't decrease friction.

And you notice how the AP used only 4 million vehicles instead of the 8.5 million vehicles that are under the recall.

But the total replacement of the gas pedel isn't being done until after the inserting small piece of metal has taken place and then the customer comes back and requests total replacement. Toyota isn't offering it up at all unless the customer complains even more after the fix.

Toyota wasn't even telling customers that they could request total replacement. Total replacement was only happening if the customer came back after the cheap fix and was still complaining.

"A replacement pedal should only be offered to a customer after the reinforcement bar has been installed and the customer has expressed dissatisfaction with the operation and/or feel of the pedal," Toyota said in a memo to dealers, service manager and parts managers.

Cheap bastards.

Posted by Quality Weenie at March 23, 2010 11:33 AM