April 06, 2009

My Fault

This is all my fault, I took the down blanket off the bed last weekend and put my winter boots away.

I should know better ...

This is what it looks like outside right now, we are projected to get 6 inches in our area and just a short 45 minutes north of us they are suppose to get upto 12 inches.


Posted by Quality Weenie at April 6, 2009 08:42 AM | TrackBack

My brother-in-law was telling me how bad it was in Colorado. So much for spring huh?

Posted by: Retired Navy CPO at April 6, 2009 01:52 PM

You're lucky, we just got a light dusting. I wanted six inches of snow!

Posted by: Contagion at April 7, 2009 03:15 PM