June 11, 2008

Ted Bauer, Kiss My Detroit Sports Team Loving Ass

Boycott ESPN Magazine.

Ted Bauer, a sports "writer" at ESPN magazine for some reason known only to himself just publically not only ripped on every sports team in Detroit but also it's citizens.

The "highlights"

The Tigers are "essentially treading water."

The Pistons "might hire a long-term assistant as their head man when Avery Johnson is available (hey, so's Isiah!). The East may be weak, but 11 months out, we can't see the Pistons making seven straight Conference Finals."

Bauer writes only a four-word sentence about the pro football team. "Then there's the Lions."

On Michigan: "Rich Rodriguez is a decent hire, but it won't pan out for a bit. He loses Pryor, an O-Lineman transfers to Ohio State (AH!!!!) and he's got more allegations swirling around him than Lindsay Lohan does suitors of both genders."

On Michigan State: "Even if you root for Michigan State, well, can you really name any stars on Michigan State? ... Basically, if you're a Big 10 fan rooting for anyone except OSU, you're doomed."

The writer even takes a shot at the Shock. "They're pretty good (6-1 right now) and we love Laimbeer , but c'mon, can you really bet against Candace, Lisa and Hollywood for this season?"

And if that wasn't cruel enough he then goes after the city and it's citizens

City rankings? St. Louis replaced you guys as the most dangerous city in America in a few surveys but your mayor's involved in a sex scandal.

You knock the city you knock the entire state also.

If you care to send complaints the editor: editor. espnmag@gmail.com

Posted by Quality Weenie at June 11, 2008 12:13 PM | TrackBack

This guy is an asshole, I've already emailed espn several times on this.

Posted by: Alex at June 14, 2008 02:13 PM