October 26, 2007

Consumer Reports Quits Sucking Toyota's Teats

Toyota use to be Consumer Reports prodigy child of the Automotive Industy, but they must have angered CR somehow ...

The V-6 version of the top-selling Camry and the four-wheel-drive V-8 version of the Tundra pickup now get below-average ratings from Consumer Reports in its predicted reliability assessment.

The same is true for the all-wheel-drive GS sedan from Lexus, Toyota's luxury division.

As a result, Consumer Reports no longer puts those vehicles on its "recommended" list.

CR said it will no longer recommend all new Toyota cars and trucks without reliability data on a specific design.

So CR is no longer in love with the Camry, which is Toyota flagship vehicle and they will no longer automatically recommend any new Toyota vehicle.

My how the mightly have fallen!

Posted by Quality Weenie at October 26, 2007 09:45 AM | TrackBack

Wow...! So which Toyota lover retired? ;)

The last issue of CR Arthur picked up dealt with 'how to keep your automobile running longer' and it was so freaking lame!

There was basically nothing in the entire issue. :/

Posted by: pam at October 26, 2007 10:13 AM