October 25, 2007

These Boots Feet Were Made For Walking

Went to the doctor on Tuesday, told him of my concerns and he said they were all normal (I think they should have mentioned this pre surgery) and should clear up within 6 months (also think they should have mentioned the 6 month total healing time).

He is sending me to physical therapy for the non-bending ability of my toe. He said it just needs to be manipulated and will start bending again.

Went to work Wednesday and by the time I got home from work my foot was throbbing. Ouch.

I get to wear tennis shoes to work because I can't fit my swollen foot into any other shoes right now.

Get into work and the janitor and one other guy were the only ones to say "hey welcome back". Everyone else acted like I was never gone. Even my boss didn't come down to see if I was actually at work at not. Nice friendly people huh.

The puppers are pretty happy that I am mobile again and so am I. Because it means I can clean the house. Mr Weenie did an ok job, but not the way I clean the house. He dusts around things instead of moving things, so we have 8 weeks worth of dust build up in some areas (ick).

And to top off all this misery, our insurance company was bought out by another and we start out "new" insurance November 1st. It has been a pain in the butt trying to coordinate everything between the two insurance companies.

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Glad to hear you're mending, but I hope the pain goes away soon. That's no fun...

Posted by: pam at October 25, 2007 09:07 AM