September 26, 2007

It Went From Bad to Worse

Yesterday I had another check-up with the foot doctor and it was Cast-off day!


Or so I thought.

They put me in a "walking" cast, but I still can't walk on it for another week (why they just didn't leave my regular cast on for another week I don't know) and then I can slowly start walking on it.

Well the new walking cast is worse then the other cast I had on.

For starters it weighs like 5 pounds and it's to big because they didn't have one in my size and it doesn't fit right (probably because it's too big) and it holds your leg and foot in a unnatural position.

I am having a hard time moving around with this thing on, it makes doing everything more difficult.

And I am not able to drive in it, which means I still can't go back to work for another 4 WEEKS. Yes, I have to wear this new monster for 4 weeks.

I probably won't have a job to go back to.

I called the doctor's office this morning and told them that they have to find me something that fits right, doesn't hurt and is smaller. This stupid thing goes up to me knee, I've seen them on people, it's not suppose to go up that high.

I mean look at this thing ... all for a 4 inch area on the upper part of my foot. Talk about over kill...

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To say I am not a happy camper is the understatement of the year.

Posted by Quality Weenie at September 26, 2007 11:07 AM | TrackBack

Aw, geez. I'd make 'em call over somewhere else for a walking cast that fits. They can call their rep, see if they can get one in fast. A regular cast, even. That's bad.

I dearly hope that if you want to be able to go back to your job, you'll be able to. [You didn't specify. ;) ]

Posted by: pam at September 26, 2007 11:39 AM

Actually what they are doing is bad for your foot to a certain degree and they know it. If they don't know it, they shouldn't be treating you at all! I'd be on the phone - give them until Monday to find the proper size for you, then you'll be in contact with the state's board for orthopedic doctors to find out where you can obtain the correct cast and to be making a report to them! Geeze - haven't they heard of overnight delivery???

Posted by: Teresa at September 26, 2007 03:00 PM