January 29, 2007

Blogsphere Blames Unions For Automaker Problems

I found a link over at Instapundit to a Mickey Kaus article in which Mickey talks out of his ass and follows the media like a lost sheep.

Unionism Is Too the Problem: Labor costs--and specifically work rules--are part of what's killing all the unionized auto manufacturers while their non-unionized competitors thrive building cars in the U.S., according to CNN Money. The famous $1,400/car health care burden is only a piece of it:

Other labor costs add to the bill. Contract issues like work rules, line relief and holiday pay amount to $630 per vehicle - costs that the Japanese don't have. And paying UAW members for not working when plants are shut costs another $350 per vehicle.

You know something Mickey, your talking out your ass. Do some fucking research instead of just following what the american automotive hating media says. He points to this article on CNN:

But for all the bad decisions these companies have made by not listening to their customers, they aren't entirely to blame. Structural inequities between the U.S. and Japan - notably in labor costs and currency - account for a big chunk of Detroit's problems.

I can guarantee if trade were equal, Japan didn't subsidize their automotive companies and the Big 3 were putting out great designed cars there would be no problems right now.

Why is it that everyone is blaming the worker? It's easier then doing research I guess. Hate what your jealous of and don't have is that it?

Guess what jackass, Toyota line workers make the same amount of money that Big 3 line workers make. Quality of Japanese and American automakers are the same, despite what the CNN article says. A small amount of research would confirm that, hell just look through my blog and you can find out that information.

Health care is the biggest chunk. GM , for instance spends $1,635 per vehicle on health care for active and retired workers in the U.S. Toyota pays nothing for retired workers - it has very few - and only $215 for active ones.

So you show that Toyota are cheap bastards. You work for them all your life and they screw you when you retire, if you make it that far. Do you know that Toyota doesn't exactly follow OSHA rules and doesn't care about Ergonomics. Talk to any Toyota Line employee and they will tell you how many people have gotten canned after getting hurt while at work.

On the revenue side, it is easier to apportion blame. The lack of pricing power by American producers, brought on by poor quality

Again, a little research would show you that American quality is just as good or even better then Japaense quality. But you won't read it in the media, because the media is hoping the American industry fails. You didn't read about the nearly 10 MILLION vehicles that Japaense companies have recalled just in the past month did you? But when an American company has a recall, no matter how small, you will read it in big assed letters on the front page.

So before you go spouting off that it's the Unions fault for the state of the American Auto Industry maybe you should do a little research first. Also take a look at the perks and salaries of the management that have run the companies in the ground before solely blaming the Unions.

So Mickey Kaus, you can kiss my Automotive Industry worker, Union loving, white, hairy ass.

Learn how to do research before spouting off like a sheep.

Posted by Quality Weenie at January 29, 2007 10:25 AM | TrackBack

Mickey Kaus is a moron. I usually read Slate everyday (where his work is posted daily) but I just skip right over his articles. An unresearched article by him is no shock to me.

Posted by: Matt at January 30, 2007 04:38 PM

It's easy to point blame to one thing, but to be honest with you I think it's a combination between the unions and the executives at the American Companies.

Posted by: Contagion at January 30, 2007 07:35 PM