September 24, 2008

2 Months (plus 2 weeks)

Still alive, although the job search is on a ventillator tube.

The job search has moved beyond frusterating. Especially when I see jobs on the boards that have been on there for months. The companies are refusing to hire people with experience, they want people with really cheap salaries. They will end up paying in the end, you can't subsitute cheapness for experience.

So it's been 2 1/2 months and I have gotten exactly 2 calls, one headhuntr asking for a refreshed copy of my resume and another that was going to submit my resume to a job that bascially had already made their choice.

At least a third of the jobs I have applied for, I have applied for them several times hoping maybe this time they will call.

To say it's depressing is the worlds largest understatement.

I think the dogs are getting sick of having me around so much. The other day I saw them huddled in the corner whispering "is she ever going to leave the house".

And Mr Weenie keeps putting his toes over that line that is holding my last nerve in place.

And I am so totally over family that thinks I am selfish for not wanting to lower my salary requirements tens of thousands but go totally postal when anyone mentions cutting hourly wages by a dollar or two for the sake of keeping a job.

Hypocritical ass munchers the whole lot of them.

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September 11, 2008

102 Minutes

Watch the NYU Dorm one first.

History Chanel - 102 Minutes that changed the world

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September 09, 2008

Early Explorer

Your result for Reincarnation Placement Exam...

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When you come of age, you can ply the seas in a fine old ship, or trek across virgin territory with a compass and some vague notions. Sure, it's dangerous and uncertain, but it's kind of like being on vacation all the time. Uncomplicated and unfettered, you get to explore and confront the unknowable challenges ahead of you.

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Stolen from House of Zathras

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September 05, 2008

Calling All Tampa Area People

Tampa and surrounding area people with kids ages 6-17 and adults.

I have a friend in Tampa Bay that is going for her PhD in Clincial Psychology and needs some help.

Okay, as many of you know I just started a doctorate program in Clinical Psychology. I have two classes (cognitive assessment & clinical interviewing) in which I need volunteers! I need both children (6-17) & adults and don't know anyone here, so it makes it difficult.

The interviewee would either be given either a clinical interview & intelligence test OR just a clinical interview depending on volunteer's willingness. Everything is confidential and whatnot.

The clinical interview is basically just practicing getting someones history, family background, health background. The standard "tell me about yourself". Some of the areas questions come from are family of origin, social/peers/childhood experiences, relationships, children, education, interests/hobbies, psychiatric/substance abuse history, legal, military, and medical history.

Everything is free.

Yes, a free IQ test.

Anyone interested let me know and I will pass on your information to her.

If you could pass on this information to people you know in the area I would appreciate it.

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New Addition To My Sissy's Family

My sister just adopted a new addtion to their family.

I am an Aunt again!

Welcome Phinnaeus!

Pure breed Saymoid. Adopted through rescue.

Their other Saymoid was laid to rest last summer after 14 years of loving championship. Rest in Peace Polar.

Image Hosted by

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September 04, 2008


Your result for The Perception Personality Image Test...

NBPC - The Daydreamer

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I think the line "understand your life as part of a larger whole" because I am always and I mean always telling Mr Weenie he needs to look at the big picture and not the finer details of things.

Stolen from Beannachd

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Kwame Mayor No More?

Looks like Kwame, the Mayor of Detroit is packing his office and house and getting out of Dodge

Hearings are going on right now, as well as yesterday, with the Governor about the possibility of her removing him from office but in the mean time his defense team is throwing plea deal after plea deal to get him out of most of the charges.

It does look like a plea deal has been struck but only time will tell.

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