September 09, 2008

Early Explorer

Your result for Reincarnation Placement Exam...

Early Explorer

You're all set to be an early explorer.

Your answers indicate that you like adventure, whether it be on the high seas or across unexplored lands. And if you like to go exploring, there's a demand for the likes of you -- especially because you're willing do without all the baggage of civilization, a state-subsidized education, and the company of your fellow man. Nope, none of that for you! It seems you to like to be on your own in the wide, wild world.

When you come of age, you can ply the seas in a fine old ship, or trek across virgin territory with a compass and some vague notions. Sure, it's dangerous and uncertain, but it's kind of like being on vacation all the time. Uncomplicated and unfettered, you get to explore and confront the unknowable challenges ahead of you.

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Stolen from House of Zathras

Posted by Quality Weenie at September 9, 2008 10:15 AM | TrackBack

LOLcat here. :/

Posted by: pam at September 9, 2008 11:00 AM

And you get to have a rifle! Too cool!

Posted by: Mrs. Who at September 10, 2008 08:59 PM