March 31, 2008

Almost a Year

I have got to stop buying non-perisable items!

hattip: House of Zathras

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March 30, 2008

Quite As A Mouse

Guess I don't have much to say, huh.

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Hattip: blogmomma, Tammi

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March 26, 2008

Flying Dogs

For Pam at Pamibe, blurry flying puppers!

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March 25, 2008

Weirdest Thing Bush Is Blammed For

While at work today, during our monthly department (waste of time) meeting a few people were talking about the merger just approved between XM and Siruis.

One person asked how it was possible because then it would be a monopoly with no compettion.

The answer?

"Because Bush is in office, that is how it's possible"

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March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

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The Weenie family hopes you have a very Happy Easter!

Excuse me now while I go gorge myself on chocolate!!!

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March 20, 2008

Thursday Doggie Blogging

Doggie blogging is on Thursday this week, since I hope not to even look at a computer tomorrow!

First up is Maggie. When I took Lance (a couple weeks ago now) for his monthly allergy shot I put some treats in my pocket to give him for being a good boy.

When I got home Maggie could smell the treat residue in my pocket.

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Next up is the puppers in their newest knitted sweaters (and no, I didn't knit them). They each got 3 new sweaters.

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I got the sweaters from A & B Originals! We heart them!

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March 18, 2008

That's About Right

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I don't know about you, but I don't consider 35% to be a passing grade for anything.

Stolen from blogmomma Tammi's World

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March 17, 2008

They Do Still Exist

Being in Quality some 16 years now, I thought the dinosaur manufacturing facilities have all disappeared.

You know the ones, the shops that don't have a clue what Lean Manufacturing is. Or the benefits of good housekeeping, or knowing what a good quality system was.

I visited a potential new supplier on Thursday and holy crap, I couldn't believe what I saw.

And I thought in Michigan it was illegal to smoke in the workplace, they were smoking at the machines with huge puddles of oil on the floor.

Talk about a hazard.

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March 14, 2008

Friday Doggie Blogging


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March 10, 2008

Danger Will Robinson, Danger

It's PMS week, and I gots it bad.

I haven't had PMS this bad in quite a long time.

This morning I started crying when the alarm went off.

I yelled at the dogs this morning. They were grumbling this morning as I was putting their sweaters on them and I yelled at them, asking what they have to grumble about. They get to lay around all day in the sun and take naps whenever they want and that we pay to have someone come in at noon to play with them, take them potty and give them treats.

Then on the way to work this morning I couldn't find any music on the radio, everyone was talking about crap I didn't want to listen to so I started crying again.

Lord help me and I can't even have chocolate to make it better.

I warned Mr Weenie that I am PMSing quite bad and who wants to make a bet that he will do something so stupid this week that I will consider murder?

I mean the man has gone through 168 weeks of PMS you would think he would have learned after ohhhh the first 50 or so. Nope, it kicks in the stupid factor for him.

It will be a miracle if this week goes by and I haven't murdered someone or in the least given someone a good ass kicking.

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March 06, 2008

Deja Vu

Yesterday was moving day for work, our building is being closed and were moved into the busom of the company, ie moved into Dearborn.

Started out with this company in Dearborn.

Came in this morning, security card didn't work so I had to wait around until someone came near the door and pound on it so they would let me in.

Found my new desk, unpacked, hooked my computer up myself (the "real" employees all got their computers hooked up first, then contract people were hooked up) cause I didn't want to wait forever.

It's nice to have 3 walls again, previous place had 1 wall (open cube community, sucked).

I am on the 3rd floor and everytime someone walks by the whole floor moves up and down, pretty freaky.

If I stand up I can see out the window, the "real" employees got put next to the windows.

It's a real nice building, build in the 80's I am told. The one I moved out of was built in 1953.

And the bathroom to desk time is only 20 seconds, other building was 2.5 minutes.

Only 5 minutes longer, but that is because of heavier traffic. Use to drive the same route once, can't remember for which building it was though. (This would be my 7th different building I have worked in for this company).

Feels like I am back home again.

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March 04, 2008

Courts Pile On Hate Bandwagon Of Domestic Auto's

The dispute between Chrysler and Plastech continues, with the courts still on the hate bandwagon.

Chrysler LLC will appeal a U.S. bankruptcy court ruling that prohibits the automaker from removing its tooling from bankrupt supplier Plastech Engineered Products Inc., the Auburn Hills automaker confirmed Monday.

Good luck with the appeal, but I don't think they will win anything. The courts have already proven they prefer that bad suppliers stay in business.

"Chrysler is appealing this decision because we believe there are substantial issues of law and equity that need to be addressed," Frazier said. "Moreover, we believe that the court's decision may have significant implications for the way automakers and their suppliers do business in the future."

Shefferly's Feb. 19 ruling stated that Plastech's rights under bankruptcy trump Chrysler's rights to its tooling. He wrote that the loss of Chrysler's work would severely damage Plastech's chances of a successful reorganization.

The judge says that the loss of Chryslers work will damage Plastech's chance of a re-org.

Seems to me that Plastech got themself into this mess and Plastech should be the ones to pay the price for crappy quality and bad business decisions.

And Plastech's bankruptcy is starting to effect their other customers too.

Last week, Johnson Controls Inc. -- Plastech's largest customer -- showed in court documents similar frustration over the supplier. The Milwaukee-based supplier filed a motion asking the judge to force Plastech to decide if it will or won't honor its contracts.

Plastech doesn't have to make that decision until they file their bankruptcy plans, which can take quite awhile.

So in the mean time, Johnson Controls is also left in limbo.

In the filing, Johnson Controls attorneys wrote that Plastech is "extracting" financial accommodations from its customer, meaning the company is paying above contract price for Plastech parts. On several occasions, Plastech has been bailed out by its customers by charging them more for parts.

Blackmail, plain and simple.

Plastech is being kept alive by extorting its customers for more money then their contracts specify. How is that legal?

But Johnson Controls doesn't have a leg to stand on considering how the judge ruled for Plastech and against Chrysler.

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Weenie Family Vacation

The Weenie family will be vacationing this year at a few places.

We will be driving this year (yea, no flying to worry about) and our first stop will be the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

We will be staying in Gatlinburg and visiting the area and the park for a few days. Many interesting things to do in the park. They have a driving loop around the park that we will be doing, probably do some lite hiking too. There are a few waterfalls within the park that I would like to try to hike to (if it's a easy hike).

Not sure if we will do Dollywood or not. Anybody ever been there?

Then our next stop will be the Corvette museum in Bowling Green, KY. Not sure if will be able to do the Corvette Plant Tour or not, depends on timing.

But hey, been in one plant been in them all. Nothing to exciting for me anymore, having been in auto manufacturer plants several hundred times. Although the welding robots are still very cool to me.

Then onto Shipshewana, IN. Amish country. We want to check out the furniture stores in the area because we will be getting some new furniture soon and we are really into Mission style and the Amish certainly know how to do Mission furniture.

Then home.

Vacation will be around Independance day timeframe.

Puppers will be boarded for the week, although Mr Weenie wanted to bring them with us but I couldn't see bringing them with us and making them stay in the hotel room all day or in the car (that is cruel in my opinion). We have a boarding facility they have been to before but are looking for another one that is more fancy with 24 hour on site personnel.

Oh, question, I don't mean to show my ignorance here but does anybody (Tammi) know do the Amish celebrate Independance Day?

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