May 24, 2007

Black Hole

I know I have been absent from my blog lately but it seems I have sunk back into my black hole of dispair.

The job is ok ... I am so overqualified for this job that is unfair to make me come in everyday. I sit most of the day doing absolutely nothing and by nothing I mean staring at an excel spreadsheet just to look busy nothing.

They really could have hired someone with only a few years experience to do this job and a hell of a lot cheaper. But then I don't see the need for the 4 people working on this project either. They could get away with 2 and 3 would be pushing it.

And yes, I know its a job but my job really defines who I am and doing a nothing job has helped push me into the abyess again.

Not to mention that my 40th birthday is only a few days away. Turning 40, that is old in my family. Men never live past 53 and women go crazy by 60 so I've got like what 20 years left if I am lucky.

I have hurt my back and arthritis has attacked my feet so all the weight I lost during my unemployment & exercise daily time I have gained back plus a couple pounds. So further into the black hole I go.

Life seems to be beating me up lately and by lately I mean the past year. I couldn't catch a break even if I were fly paper and a break was the fly.

I am scratching the walls to try and get out of the hole but I think it's going to take a little while longer to claw my way out.

I will try to post more often, at least puppy pictures. Because I know you all miss seeing the puppies.

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May 16, 2007

Work Conversations

I was just sitting here thinking about overheard phone conversations at work.

I am in a cubicle farm with 4 desks per cube, so you basically hear everything the others say on the phone.

I am sure these guys are tired of hearing about my puppies poo and pee habits and just now I was talking to Mr Weenie about Maggie and her butt.

It's stinky, so we think she may have some anal gland issues and probably will need them expressed (please don't ask about it as I don't the hows).

Every morning I call Mr Weenie to let him know I got to work ok and we then discuss which dog poo'd or pee'd for me before I left for work and then I call Mr Weenie when we gets home from work (usually around 3pm when not working OT) and we discuss if anyone poo'd or pee'd in their cages.

These people probably think I have a thing for doggie poop and pee.

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May 14, 2007


Who would have guessed ...

Hey Ogre ....

Your banned at one of the Big 3 ....

They put you under the category spyware ...

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Chrysler Sold

Chrysler has been sold to an Investment Company, Cereberus. They announced it this morning.

Mark my words, Chrysler will not exist as a company in two years.

An investment firm wants nothing to do with running a company, investment companies are formed and set-up to do one thing and one thing only ...

To dismantle companies ...

And Daimler should be ashamed of itself, they way it destroyed Chrysler.

When they "merged" with Chrysler, Chrysler was a very profitable company and at the time Daimler was not. So in 8 years Daimler stripped Chrysler of all it's money, it's profitablility and sold it so it will be dismantled.

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May 11, 2007

Cows? In Florida?

Ok, this deserved a seperate entry.

As we were driving from (and to) Orlando to Lake Wales (near Winter Haven) I could not actually believe I saw.

Cow Herds!


I mean shit loads of Cow Herds. All over the place.

Now let me tell you, when I think of Cows Florida isn't even in the top 20 states I would think of having Herds of Cows.

Florida - Alligators, yes
Flordia - Cow Herds, no

Another thing I couldn't believe was Deer. No I didn't see any but Florida has a license plate with a deer head option (saw a plate with a deer head on it). I asked the supplier about deer and Florida.

He said they have a big population of Deer in Florida.



Your shitting me right?

I thought Deer were like cold weather state animals?

Nope, Deer in Florida.

Now Supplier man did say "Florida Deer compared to Michigan Deer is like comparing a puppy to a cow". He said to them a 180lb Deer is huge.

But still ...

Florida - Deer, no

So slap me upside the head, who would have thought that Florida has not only Cow Herds but White Tail Deer ...

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HI HO HI HO, It's Off To Work I Went

So I was in Florida Monday and Tuesday for work and got to fly first class on the way down.

That was totally SWEET!

We got to Florida and it was colder than it was up in Michigan, pissed didn't begin to discribe my feelings on that.

We got to the supplier around 11am, and ended up leaving the supplier that day around 6pm.

We went to dinner at Outback, yummy! Then back to the hotel for our 7 AM appointment at the supplier on Tuesday.

Our hotel was right in front of an amusement park (small one) and 1 block from Cypress Gardens.

Didn't do much at the hotel, surfed for a bit and was so tired I feel asleep by 8:30pm.

Up at 5:30AM Tuesday morning ready for a nice hot shower and what did I get? A luke warm trickle of water out of the shower head. That was not a good start to the day.

Got to the supplier and did what we needed to do and were done by 11AM, out flight out was at 5:30PM.

We tried to get a earlier flight out by everything was overbooked. Stand-by was impossible they said.

So seeing that we had 6 hours to kill we decided to head over the Downtown Disney and have lunch then do some shopping (Downtown Disney is Disney market area, food, shops, etc).

We ate at Cap n' Jacks, it was a seafood place and I had the Crab Cakes, yummy!

And then we shopped.

Do you know that Disney has a store just for DOG STUFF?!!!

Yes, the puppies got plenty, t-shirts, necklaces, bandana's, and Maggie got a princess hat complete with minnie ears!!!

We headed back to the airport and hit the bar before our flight.

Got home at 9PM on Tuesday.

It wasn't too bad of a trip, got a lot settled with the supplier, but definately the next time I won't be staying at the same hotel, it was yucky.

I will also be flying in on Sunday (or even Saturday) instead of getting up at 4:30AM on Monday morning to get a flight.

The air was quite hazy and it smelled, the supplier said they were getting a lot of smoke from Georgia.

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Obama Hates American Auto Industry

Obama was in the Detroit area this week and basically attacked the
American Auto Industry saying they deserve what they get because they
are polluters.

The Democratic presidential contender was in Detroit on Monday, oozing charisma and environmental awareness as he chided local automakers for building too many big vehicles and not enough fuel-efficient hybrids.

But we find out that Obama is just another Dumocrat who talks the talk
but won't walk the walk.

So his choice to drive a V8 Hemi-powered Chrysler 300C emits a whiff of hypocrisy along with its exhaust fumes. Obama's choice proves once again that fuel economy is seldom the No. 1 factor when Americans buy cars. The 340-horsepower 300C has plenty of room for the lanky senator, his wife, Michelle, and their two daughters. It gets 25 miles per gallon on the highway, good for a big sedan, but far short of hybrids and compact cars.

All I can say is jackass.

He is also jumping on the "blame the American Auto Industry for everything"

He may be a rookie running for president, but he has mastered the politically correct strategy of aiming criticism at an easy target -- the U.S. auto industry.

It's like criticizing smokers, those who nibble on beef, or Paris Hilton --
people no one will rush to defend because it's not popular to do so.

After all, it's the U.S. auto industry that has failed to produce more cars
that burn less $3-a-gallon gas, not the petroleum industry's fault for producing
more gas at $3 than $2 a gallon. And it's surely not the consumer's fault that
they buy more big cars, SUVs and pickups than they do small cars.

Obama this week flew to Detroit to deliver his message that the U.S. auto
industry is the villain for "investing in bigger and faster cars while foreign
competitors invested in more fuel-efficient technology."

Not to mention the guy is just a huge liar, making stuff up to back-up his points.

"While our fuel standards haven't moved from 27.5 miles per gallon in two decades, both China and Japan have surpassed us, with Japanese cars now getting an average of 45 miles to the gallon," Obama said.

"I'm not sure where he got that figure," Toyota spokesman Mike Michels said.
"No carmaker gets 45 m.p.g. Ours is closer to 30 m.p.g."

So he is making stuff up to suit his needs, blaming the American Auto Industry
for everything from Global Warming to only producing gas guzzlers (in which he
buys) and falsely saying Japaense cars get more miles per gallon then American
cars which is keen to accusing the American Auto Makers of being in cahoots with Big oil.

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May 03, 2007

On The Road Again

On the road again indeed ...

Monday morning, bright and early I may add, I will be getting on a plane for my first business trip with the new job.

I will be traveling to the great, warm state of Florida, Lake Wales to be exact. It's near Winter Haven.

We arrive Monday morning and leave Tuesday late afternoon.

The flight down was fully booked in coach so instead of taking a later flight we are flying first class. And people wonder why this company is in the state it's in. Yes they are paying for first class flights instead of demanding we wait 2 hours and take the next flight.

Since I am trying with someone, who also is the one with the car reservations I have to follow his lead on when to go.

So I will be getting up at 4:30am on Monday to get ready for my flight that takes off at 7am. I would have gone down late Sunday instead but like I said this time I am not in charge of times.

I will be visitng this supplier quite few times, so I might get a chance to visit with some bloggers by flying down over the weekend instead of Monday morning.

Our flight back is coach, so I will be amoung the unwashed masses Tuesday evening, cranky and wanting to just get home.

On another note not related to the trip there is this girl near my desk and I swear if you had to discribe her I would say she IS Cliff Claven from Cheers. She knows everything and makes sure everyone around her knows that she knows everything.

I have heard call she has made.

It's getting old already.

I may be forced to punch her sometime in the next month.

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