August 25, 2004

Freshmen Year My first semester

Freshmen Year

My first semester of College was pretty boring as I was commuting from home. My parents had agreed to let me dorm during the Winter semester so I wouldn't have to drive back and forth in the snow. That is when the fun began.

So come January I get all packed up and set to move to the Freshmen dorms. Freshmen had their own dorms and they were same sex dorms, 2 people per room sharing a bathroom with the room next door. I got put in with a girl who was a Jewish Princess (the definition of one too). She was friends with the people across the hall from us and they went to high school with some girls on the 4th floor so we hung out with them. There were 6 of us that hung out together, but 2 of the girls (my roommate was one of them) went home every weekend so the 4 of us hung out on the weekends.

Back in those days drinking wasn't the big taboo that is is now a days. There were 2 frat houses that would have $5 all you could drink keg parties every other Friday, so every Friday there would be a party. No they didn't check ID's and the police didn't care as long as it wasn't rowdy. So off we would go on Fridays to the keg parties and drink ourselves silly. We went to so many of those parties that the Frat guys knew us by name and would chat with us. Remember we were geeky, plain jane girls so no fraternization was going on. Saturdays nights were spent at the local bars dancing but not drinking because they did check ID's for age. I think Freshmen year was a year that we were just building up our tolerance for alcohol, which thou we didn't know at the time would come in great use during Sophmore year. Freshmen year was a year to get to know each other, feel each other out, test our new freedom. Other than getting to be good friends with my roomies we didn't really do anything wild. None of us was really a instigator so we played by the rules. We learned to pee outdoors without peeing on ourselves, because the lines at the frat houses for the bathrooms were very long and there was plenty of places outside.

At the end of our Freshmen year we had to pick which dorm we wanted to move into for the next year. I had decided I was going to dorm all year instead of just winter, my mother didn't like the idea but I was getting students loans to pay for everything so they couldn't object to it much. We decided that we wanted to get into the "party" dorm, the dorm everyone wanted to get into. We wanted the 4th floor because that was known all around campus as the only floor to be on. So we decided to camp out overnight so we could be first in line for choosing, too bad others had the same idea and we ended up 10th in line. We got into the party dorm but ended up on the 2nd floor. The rooms in the party dorm were 4 people to a room (a bedroom on either side of a common room and bathroom). The dorm floor was 2 wings with a common room inbetween the wings There were only 4 of us but we ended up in 2 different rooms. Oh the party dorm was a co-ed dorm also. Little did we know but our life would be changing for the better, 4th floor would lose their best party floor status, and the people who were already living on the 2nd floor and coming back next year didn't know that their lives were about to change by 4 plain jane girls moving in or that we would fail the Winter semster of our Sophmore year!

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