January 20, 2005

Did I Mention How Much

Did I Mention How Much I Hate Taking My Car In For Service?

I finally got my car back yesterday, get half way home and realize I have no interior lights (still). I took it in because the interior lights wouldn't go off, so I had to pull the fuse. I left it on the passenger seat in the fuse puller and let the service guy know this. Turns out the problem was with the key pad on the door, it went bad and when it goes bad it makes the interior lights stay on all the time.

So I get home and search the car for the fuse, it's not there.

I call this morning and ask if they checked to make sure the interior lights went on and off, the guy said yes they double checked. I then asked how they could do that without a fuse? Dead silence and then a "aww crap".

So now it's back to the dealer at lunch so they can put a fuse in my car. Dummy's, and I have a feeling that the someone that repaired my car is going to get an ass chewing by the service writer.

Posted by Quality Weenie at January 20, 2005 08:43 AM