February 24, 2005

What Kind Of Dog Are

What Kind Of Dog Are You?

I found this quiz, What kind of dog are you, over at Blogmom, Tammi's place. Since I love dogs, I decided to take the quiz.

The results are creepy, cause it's basically me.

Hungarian Puli (ed. note: I'm part Hungarian)

The coat is remarkable and resembles a rag mop. (ed. note: I have a perm and am told quite often that my hair looks like a rag mop) Owners must spend a great deal of time keeping this dog clean. In return for it's high maintanance the Puli is loyal, calm, devoted and obediant but very reserved with people outside of it's own family. (ed. note: This is actually the way I am)

Posted by Quality Weenie at February 24, 2005 08:45 AM