March 21, 2005

UAW Members Disgusted With Gettlefinger

UAW Members Disgusted With Gettlefinger Comments

Every one, even public figures, occasionally says out loud things they instantly regret.

Ron Gettelfinger, president of the United Auto Workers, discovered last week that like any other public official, he doesn't have a Teflon coating. In a recent fit of pique, he decided that Marine Corps reservists could no longer use the parking lot at UAW headquarters, which is near one of the Marine's armories. In the past, the Marines had been allowed to park in the lot, which is marked by a large saying foreign cars are not allowed. The no-foreign-cars sign has stood since the early 1980s but an exception was made for the Marines.

Gettelfinger, however, had become agitated by the pro-Bush stickers on some of the Marines' vehicles. Like many other union leaders, Gettelfinger has made no secret of his distaste for Bush's economic polices and that has only risen in the wake of the 2004 election, as Republicans have renewed efforts to curb what remains of union influence.

However, after issuing the new ban, Gettelfinger found himself caught in the middle of the kind of public relations nightmare that has undone lots of public figures. The ban quickly became a big story on Detroit television with some deft help by annoyed Marines. UAW headquarters was inundated with messages from appalled UAW members. (ed note: editors emphasis)

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