April 10, 2010

Maggie Update 5

Maggie has had a relapse.

Wednesday and Thursday she was fine, eating some and no tummy stretches.

Friday she wouldn't eat, lots of tummy stretching and you could see the pain on her face.

Took her to the vet this morning thinking she needs something to control the pain, she won't take her tramadol pills. She doesn't like the taste of it and shakes her head violently, foams and drools until the taste is gone. So we thought how bout liquid pain meds.

Got some flavored liquid pain meds, just gave it to her and within 5 minutes she threw it up because she didn't like the taste. I hope at least a little bit was absorbed into her system.

I think if the pain is controlled, everything else will settle down and she will want to eat.

I just don't know what to do anymore, she is rejecting all the things that will make her better because it tastes bad.

She was 18 pounds just a couple weeks ago, she is down to 14.3 pounds. She really can't last much longer like this.

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Posted by: vw bug at April 11, 2010 06:46 AM

“Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless this pet. By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan. May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures! Amen.”

May Maggie get well soon...

Posted by: Mrs. Who at April 12, 2010 06:48 PM

May Maggie get well soon...

Posted by: Mrs. Who at April 13, 2010 01:15 AM