February 22, 2010

Getting Out Of Recalls Saves Money, Says Toyota

This should be a lesson to Toyota that hiding things will eventually catch up with you in a very bad way, lets say Karma is finally kicking their ass.

I reiterate again, I have always said Toyota isn't any better then any other auto maker they are just better at hiding the bad shit.

Claims by Toyota in internal documents that it saved money by obtaining a limited recall from regulators in 2007 create an even bigger challenge for the automaker's president when he testifies before U.S. lawmakers this week over quality and safety lapses.

Toyota officials said they saved $100 million by successfully negotiating with the U.S. government on a limited recall of floor mats in some Toyota and Lexus vehicles, according to new documents shared with congressional investigators.

Bragging in internal documents about how much money they saved by putting it's customer lives in danger. Good move Toyota, good move.

Just think what would happen to an american auto maker that had that internal document. Roast alive and run out of business, but nope for Toyota people will still claim it's all a government conspiracy.

I did have some respect for Toyota, especially when I worked for a Toyota supplier but that has completely gone out the window today.

The savings are listed under the title, "Wins for Toyota Safety Group." The document cites millions of dollars in other savings by delaying safety regulations, avoiding defect investigations and slowing down other industry requirements.(emphasis mine)

Fucking "Wins for Toyota"

Why didn't they just put "Killing people but saving money, oh what a feeling"

The new documents show the financial benefit of delay. In the presentation, Toyota said a phase-in to new safety regulations for side air bags saved the company $124 million and 50,000 man hours. Delaying a rule for tougher door locks saved $11 million.

Toyota's President finally relented and will appear at Wednesday's hearings, that man will be getting his ass kicked from here to Japan and back again.

Hope they televise it on CSPAN, because I will be watching with glee.

Posted by Quality Weenie at February 22, 2010 09:54 AM

Oh, gosh. Of course it saved money... at what expense?

No respect for their customers, not to mention human life.

Posted by: Pam at February 22, 2010 01:13 PM