February 08, 2010

Prius Recalled For Brakes

Toyota relented and has added the Prius to the list of recalled cars for the brake issue, bringing total vehicles recalled for this issue to 7 million.

Toyota plans to recall about 300,000 Prius hybrids worldwide over a brake problem and will notify the U.S. and Japanese governments Tuesday, a news report said, as a top executive will testify before U.S. lawmakers over recall woes that have tarnished its reputation for quality and safety.

7 million vehicles recalled over this and no big bold top of the page headlines for Toyota. Now if an American company did this people would be rioting in the streets and demanding heads roll.

Toyota sales expert Yoshimi Inaba will appear before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Wednesday along with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Administrator David Strickland. The name of the hearing: "Toyota Gas Pedals: Is the Public at Risk?"

Wonder if it will be on CSPAN, but I can guarntee that they will be treated with a lot more respect then when the american auto makers appeared before congress.

Posted by Quality Weenie at February 8, 2010 12:38 PM