December 17, 2009

Ford To Return Lost Benefits to Salary Workers

Ford has announced that it will be returning benefits to salary workers that they have had taken away the past couple of years.

"Our plan is working," said Ford Americas President Mark Fields in a note to white-collar workers Thursday.

The note said Ford would resume matching employee 401(k) contributions effective Jan. 1. That program, through which Ford kicks in 60 cents for every dollar an employee contributes to a retirement account up to 5 percent of their base salary, had been suspended in January.

Ford also said it will begin offering tuition assistance to salaried workers again on March 1. And the automaker said it would resume merit pay increases April 1.

So Ford is returning benefits (perks) such as 401k matching and tuition assistance to it's Salary workers.

Must mean that Ford thinks it's doing pretty good financially to be able to put money towards those benefits (perks).

Huh, that would mean that when Ford just a couple months ago demanded that hourly workers take more cuts because if they didn't Ford had a good possibility of going bankrupt must have been *gasp* a lie?

If the hourly workers didn't vote down those additional cuts a couple months ago Ford would be looking at some big problems from their hourly workers right now.

Posted by Quality Weenie at December 17, 2009 10:32 AM