July 10, 2009


Just realized that 1 year ago today I was layed off from my contract job at Ford.

Gads, I haven't worked in a whole year.

I use to look down at hearing that people were out of work a year or two or three. I thought they were not just looking hard enough or being unreasonable.

I was wrong about them.

Talk about nobody hiring, I applied to a job this week and looked at the last time I applied and it was back in the beginning of May.

And trust me when I say I am not being discriminate in apply to jobs, if it even closely resembles anything I have done I am applying it's just that nobody is hiring.

The scarest part is I really don't see myself getting a job until spring, if then.

This sucks dirty, wet socks.

Posted by Quality Weenie at July 10, 2009 10:27 AM

**hugs** I know it's hard. We've been there and we get to go there again....hubby gets laid off Aug 31.

Posted by: Rave at July 12, 2009 08:51 AM