April 28, 2009

American Axle To "Adjust" Work Force

And by "adjust" they mean throw out onto the streets.

Last summer American Axle workers walked out on strike because they couldn't come to an agreement with American Axle on a contract.

The strike lastest 3 months and the workers ended up giving in to American Axle management because management told them either you give up 40% of your pay or we will move the plant to Mexico.

Guess what American Axle management announced today ...

Starting in mid-May, when the supplier starts its summer shut down, American Axle told the union that it will start moving axle work from Detroit to Guanajuato, Mexico, said Bill Alford, president of UAW Local 235, which represents workers at American Axle’s local factories.

I heard manageent on the news tonight saying the wage cuts to $14 per hour were not low enough so they have to move production to Mexico.

Although American Axle management insists they are not closing the plant ...

"We're not closing anything," said American Axle spokeswoman Renee Rogers. "Given the current economic conditions and significantly reduced demand for our products by our customers, we are idling significant portions of the manufacturing complex here in Detroit."

Yea, "idling" 85% of your production to Mexico. So technically they are not closing the "whole" plant just most of it.

Instead of calling it permanently laying off workers they are calling it ....

Rogers said adjustments to the work force likely would take place but not immediately and it has not been determined if any moves will be temporary, indefinite or permanent.

Like anything that is moved to Mexico ever come back.

The lesson here kiddies is never to give in to your employer.

Posted by Quality Weenie at April 28, 2009 05:11 PM | TrackBack

It's sad, but workers can't give enough concessions. How can we compete with people that make less than $1000 a year and zero benefits?

I'm probably going to get hit by this latest GM cut (7,000). And I know you know how that rolls.

I'll manage, though...

Posted by: jimmyb at April 28, 2009 05:55 PM

I will never buy a vehicle from a government run company. Screw them.

Posted by: Graumagus at April 28, 2009 06:24 PM