March 30, 2009

Obama Still Doesn't Know The Auto Industry

Obama needs to learn what is really causing the problems in the automotive sector.

It's not "a model that doesn't work", it's not there not building vehicles that people want to buy, it's not that they don't use technology.

It's the fucking economy stupid.

The president said even as the economy bounces back, Detroit can't focus on building more SUVs and counting on low gas prices.

In other matters, Obama says job-creation in America is difficult in a time of economic hardship and that the work of the future should be in more high-paying, high-skill areas like clean energy technology.

He must also think that people that work in the auto industry are stupid ...

Obama also said many of the lost jobs in recent years involve work that was done by people getting very low wages and those with limited work skills.

Talk about putting people down, but then again he did graduate from Harvard and Columbia.

He said the current school system -- with three months off at midyear -- was designed for an agriculture society centuries ago.

That is a huge all out warning that kids will be going to school all year round if he has his way.

Obama said the only reason he had been elected president was because of the education he received, in large part through scholarships and his family's sacrifice. Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School.

Yep his stuper smartness was why he was elected, not the all out lies he told.

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He knows nothing and he's trying to kill us.

Posted by: Pam at March 30, 2009 10:03 AM