March 12, 2009

Ford Hourly Approve Concessions

Ford's hourly workers approved concessions to their contract on monday.

Union concessions ratified Monday by UAW workers will save Ford Motor Co. $500 million a year -- and could save GM double that amount if a similar deal can be worked out. (emphasis mine)

So all you naysayers can now go screw yourself, but I am sure the naysayers will say it's all the unions fault.

The contract changes drop Ford's hourly labor cost to about $55 an hour with wages and benefits and should reach parity with Ford's foreign rivals in about two years, Hinrichs said. He added that labor costs at U.S. plants for Asian automakers are between $48 and $49 an hour and continue to rise. (emphasis mine)

I wonder when all those southern senators are going to call for Toyota to get rid of it's job banks program?

As I keep saying Toyota isn't any different then the Big 3, they just hide their business better.

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