February 02, 2009

Obama Presidency: Day 13

So it's the 13th day of Obama's presidency, lets see what he has accomplished to date:

Iran demands their preconditions be met for any talks with the US

North Korea says they may attack South Korea (they realize Obambi will do nothing)

Pulls missile defense from Poland & the Czechs

Demands military cut their budget

Democrats are now starting to oppose the stimulus bill

- He told Arabs he wants to relations like they were in the late 1970's

Attacked Rush Limbaugh

Tells us to turn down our heat, yet keeps the oval office at "orchard levels"

Serves $100 steak at Superbowl party

Tax cheats as cabinet members

Starting Trade War with Europe

Corrupt Attorney General

Appoints 2 lobbyist to his cabinet, but said he wouldn't allow lobbyist on his cabinet.

Calls China a currenty manipulator, almost sparking a trade war with China

Closing Gitmo with no plan as to where the terrorist will go.

Signs bills paying for abortions in other countries

Ignores Kentucky as citizens freeze to death

Bombs Pakistan, kills citizens

Sounds like Obama's on the road towards a historical presidency!

PS - List obtained from comments on several websites and pieced together to form a list.

Posted by Quality Weenie at February 2, 2009 11:19 AM | TrackBack

He's off to a roaring start! LOL!

What a maroon this guy!

Posted by: pam at February 2, 2009 12:28 PM