January 29, 2009

Globel Warming My Ass

This winter, much like last winter, has sucked cold, wet socks.

The normal temperatures for this time of the year are in the low 30s, but Richter said temperatures this winter have been in the 20s or lower.

Weather service meteorologists said that 47.7 inches (3.97 feet) of snow has fallen this winter, 17.9 inches above normal. Five inches of snow fell Tuesday in Metro Detroit, helping to push this season's snowfall into the top 20 of all time in the area, according to the weather service.

The temperatures this season have tied for the eighth coldest winter in the area, according to the weather service. (emphasis mine)

So this winter has been one of the coldest, snowiest ever. It's January and we have already beaten our average snowfall FOR THE YEAR by 18 inches. We still have a solid 1 1/2 - 2 months of winter left. Maybe Gore has moved to Michigan.

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