December 19, 2008


So if Toyota supposidly has "great" management and no union I wonder why they are posting a loss for the ENTIRE YEAR?

Toyota's mainstay vehicle operations are likely to post their first ever loss for the fiscal year through March 2009, Japanese media reports said Friday, highlighting the dire conditions faced by global automakers.

Toyota Motor Corp., which makes the popular Camry sedan and Prius gas-electric hybrid, has never reported a full fiscal year loss since it began disclosing operating profit in 1941.

Gee if Toyota is having problems and are reporting a first ever full year loss could it be that the economy is having a bigger effect on automotive sales then people want to believe?

Bet this news is going to piss some people off because it was easier to say the Big 3's problems were all of their own making and this just throws that theory out the window.

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