December 12, 2008

I Have Had It

I have never seen so many ignorant, sheep in my life.

People are practically dancing in the streets because the senate voted down the auto LOANS.

Before spouting off what lies congress, the media and wall street are spewing please do some research first.

I've tried to educate people but obviously people are believing what they want to make themselves feel better about putting down an entire industry of workers.

And what is even worse is that Ford, who is not asking for a loan, will be dragged down with a failed GM/Chrysler. So all those people who count on Ford will be punished because GM/Chrysler does not know how to run a business.

UPDATE: I will explain nothing more, put yourself in my shoes. How and what would you be feeling right now if it were you? Scared shitless I would image to start with.

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