October 22, 2008

Winters Noteable Moments

There are specific moments during Winter that us Northerners always mentally note of on the calendar when they happen and compare that date to previous years.

The one none of us look forward to is the first heavy snowfall, the one where the snow blower has to come out.

Another is the actual first snow flakes we see, it's more of a "oh shit winter is coming" thought.

A dreaded one is the first day the winter coats come out.

But the really big hated one?

The turning on of the furnance.

It's usually a contest amoung friends and family to see who's the first and last to do so.

Our record is November 1st, the earliest is September 30th.

Today is that day for this year.

It's 63 in the house and the sun isn't warming up the house as quickly as it has done the past couple weeks.

BTW, it's 11am and it's only 40 degrees outside.

I hate Winter.

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