October 04, 2008

McCain Gives Michigan the Finger - UPDATED

McCain announced this week that he is abandoning Michigan.

Michigan Republicans scrambled Friday to stanch potential damage to their election chances after Sen. John McCain's sudden decision to halt his presidential campaign, including TV advertising, in Michigan.

Giving Michigan the big middle finger.

I received my absentee ballot in the mail today, I will be making my vote during the week.

I was going to hold my nose and vote for McCain but now I will not.

If McCain gives up this easily on something that isn't going his way how is he going to act for the country when it's gets hard.

He could have silently pulled out, he didn't have to embarass the entire state by publically announcing Michigan is a lost cause and he doesn't want to spend any more time or money on the state.

McCain has thrown the residents of Michigan under the bus and from the sound of it he has also thrown any small chance he did have of winning Michigan under the bus too.

UPDATE 10/5/08

Seems as if some don't believe McCain has pulled out of Michigan

The decision to end Michigan-specific ads and transfer paid staffers elsewhere means Michigan likely won't see much of McCain in the waning days of the campaign and likely ends his hopes of becoming the first Republican to win the state since 1988.

"Our operations will be scaled back, but will still be in place in Michigan," said Mike DuHaime, McCain's political director. The campaign said it would shift money and staff that had been targeted toward Michigan into Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Maine.

As I noted in the comments, McCain has ...

Pulled all Radio and TV ads from Michigan (I haven't seen an ad since Thursday)

Moved staff to other states

Cancelled all upcoming appearances that had already been scheduled.

Sounds like McCain has pulled out of Michigan to me.

Posted by Quality Weenie at October 4, 2008 06:48 PM | TrackBack

Wait a minute... did you read that article? McCain didn't come out and say "I give up on Michigan". There are still tv ads running... he's just moved on to one of the other 49 states with only 30 days left until the election!

He *did* silently pull out; these people are spinning this; McCain's said nothing like that at all.

A vote not for McCain is a vote for the friend of terrorists, lawyer who sued Citibank on ACORN's behalf because they didn't want to make bad loans: Obama. If you can fence sit because your feelings are hurt... maybe you can explain it to me better because I don't get it.

Posted by: pam at October 4, 2008 08:26 PM

I agree with Pam. He made no public announcement and he still has ads running there. He tried to silently move on and those who want it to be public have made it so. I also agree that a vote against McCain is a vote for Obama - anyway you slice it.

But seriously, McCain would not have won Michigan anyway because of all the bellyachers there that blame Michigan's economy on Prez. Bush instead of the dems who've been running Michigan all these years.

I'm voting for McCain, he can campaign here or thumb his nose at me, but there is no way I'm going to be part of handing the election to Obama.

Posted by: oddybobo at October 4, 2008 08:50 PM

Okay, I was surprised but there was no call for me to be up in your face about it, sorry!

I suck.

Posted by: pam at October 4, 2008 09:04 PM

Considerin' what you've been goin' thru, I sorta' understand why you're pissed off. And you have the right to vote (or not) as you want. Just remember--if Obama wins, no fair complainin'. EVAR.

Posted by: Harrison at October 4, 2008 10:32 PM

He has given up ...

Not one radio or TV ad since Thursday and he has cancelled campaign rallys that were suppose to be next week and they are saying they don't know when or if they will be rescheduled.

McCain has pulled out of Michigan.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at October 5, 2008 08:28 AM


I am a little shocked you are taking this sooo personally..

First off, are you or were you a McCain supporter?

If so, are you a volunteer for the campaign?

Because it is not "what the gov can and should do for you"...this is about

EACH of us protecting our country from a team of socialists.

I have never had the luxury of living in state that candidates really give a crap about.

4-5 votes? ehhhh...

Not a big deal to most candidates, deal with it.

Michigan is a tough place, lots of auto industry jobs etc.

With Obama's current marketing campaign of HOPE and the gov rescuing folks...and PEOPLE BELieving him.

Well, it is a tough race to win.

I am embarassed that I did not volunteer to help McCain sooner, but signed up a little over a month ago to volunteer...

You can make phonecalls, go door to door.

This is OUR election...and our responsibility.

Posted by: AWTM at October 6, 2008 12:00 PM