August 28, 2008

Toyota Mis-Steps, No One Notices

Even if Toyota fell flat on it's face, nobody would hear about it.

But the Big 3 stumble a little and it's on national news and in big font on the front page.

Toyota lowered its global sales target for 2009 by 700,000 vehicles to 9.7 million Thursday,

That is a lot of vehicles, hell for some vehicle lines that is their entire forcast for a year.

And in the end, all the news people want is to be able to say that Toyota is bigger then GM.

Toyota has been on such a potent growth track in recent years it is getting closer to ending General Motors Corp.'s 77-year run as the world's top automaker by sales.

For the news media, it's all about toppeling the domestic auto's. The media were pretty pissed last year when GM topped Toyota by a smidge.

When the domestics lower their yearly expectations it's front page worthy, this story is buried in the automotive section.

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