August 26, 2008

Obambi Campaign Says Joe Knows The Auto Industry

Obambi's Michigan Campaign Manager says Joe knows autos.

Amy Chapman, Obama campaign's Michigan campaign director, says Biden is a "strong voice" on issues that are important to automakers.

And what are his qualifications of "knowing" the auto industry?

Biden was involved in failed efforts to change plans to close a Chrysler assembly plant in Newark, Del. And he has visited the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, a key industry showcase.

Well shit, I am pretty qualified also because I have gone to the Auto Show many times.

Posted by Quality Weenie at August 26, 2008 10:37 AM | TrackBack

Heck, I've been to many auto shows! We should run together; I'd be glad to be your veep. ;)

Posted by: pam at August 26, 2008 10:47 AM

I once drove by a used car lot. Am *I* qualified? :-)

Posted by: Harvey at August 28, 2008 08:42 PM